Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil and Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil Review

16 August 2011

This is going to be a review for a product that has been out for a while. I've actually had these pencils for quite some time now...it just takes me a while to get things done, apparently. I have five of the Soft Kohl Kajal Liners and one Exaggerate pencil. Kohl liners tend to be notoriously smudgy - they're great for a smokey eye. While the other pencil is the exact opposite; it's waterproof and while you can still smudge it a bit, it's meant to be a bolder defining liner.

I have five colors in the Soft Kohl Kajal Liners - black, gray, a shimmery blue and green, and a purple. Rimmel's website says:

Soft, smudgeable line. Fade resistant colour. This pencil gives dense colour application, which can be blended into the lid for a softly smudged look. A very easy to apply formulation."

This liner comes in nine shades and costs between three to five dollars in most drugstores. It is pretty soft and definitely smudges fairly easy but it's harder than many other kohl liners I've used. It's not exactly comfortable to draw in your waterline. The other downside is, since this pencil is a little bit more waxy, it doesn't smoke out evenly on my skin. I actually don't use these all that much.

The gray is cool because, well, I don't have many other gray liners. I don't really like the purple - I like blue violets and pinkish purples but this purple is deeper. I really like the blue and green...maybe it's the shimmer, but these two blend out the best for me. The black is pretty standard and is far from being the blackest liner I've used.


"Stormy Grey".

"Royal Blue".

"Green Shimmer".

"Purple Passion".

I only have one Exaggerate Waterproof Liner because the one I have reminded me of "Fishnet" eyeshadow by Urban Decay, which is one of my all-time favorite eyeshadows ever in life. It's the same pinkish purple w/ a slight bluish duo-chrome and it's pretty fantastic. I don't bother w/ this color in my waterline since it's a fairly light shade, but it makes a great liner. I especially like using this on my lower lashline. It lasts a decent amount of time and you can definitely smudge this liner out. Rimmel says:

Strong sexy eyes continue to smoulder from the catwalks. Rimmel’s innovative formula gives you colour that hits you between the eyes."

This liner is available in six shades. It has a pull-out sharpener and also has a build-in smudger. I like this liner a lot.

"Purple Shock".

Finally, here are the swatches!

L-R: "Purple Shock", "Green Shimmer", "Purple Passion", "Stormy Grey", "Black", and "Royal Blue".

All in all the kohl liners aren't the worst liners I've used and if you're interested, they aren't aren't super expensive but I don't think they're fantastic. The Exaggerate liners are much cooler.


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