Hard Candy All Glossed Up Metallics REVIEW

02 October 2014

Hard Candy has been on the ball with some great new product releases, such as their new eyeshadow palettes and their first brow product EVER (!!) but they've also expanded some of their permanent ranges, and the All Glossed Up Hydrating Balm Stains are one of those lines.

I LOVE chubby lip pencils, okay. I own a ton, from almost every brand. I've tried the regular All Glossed Up pencils before and they're okay. They weren't horrible, they weren't the best. They were just...middle of the road. When I saw they had some new shades, at first I was going to completely pass, because these are a "metallic" finish, and normally I'm not into that. However, I'm a sucker.

Maybelline Color Sensational ® Creamy Mattes REVIEW

01 October 2014

I have a pretty exciting post, or at least I was pretty excited. This is going to be a review on the new Creamy Matte lipsticks from Maybelline...and yes, I bought all ten, haha. I had no intention on doing so, and I rarely buy every single shade in a collection or release, but I realized that I had purchased eight of the ten and I scored my lipsticks on sale so...what the heck, right?

To limit the length of this review, I've posted individual color reviews on my Tumblr and will be doing this for future products where I purchase multiple shades because let's be real; ain't no one got time to read an absurdly long post with page anchors. Plus, the Tumblr app has a really friendly mobile interface and I don't have regular computer access so I can pump out posts on there easily. Feel free to follow! That's a sideblog, so I can't follow you back via that blog, but I can follow you on my main blog if you'd like!

I will have links to each individual color post in this post. Anyway, onward with the review!


Okay, teeny update here, since I've been a horrible blogger lately. I am going to attempt Blog-tober; a blog review a day!

To make this slightly easier on me, I've actually sort of put myself on a schedule. This first week (October 1st through October 8th) will be all lip related posts. So I have seven different product reviews coming up, consisting of some new Essence lipsticks, the new Maybelline Mattes, and a couple other Hard Candy products.

The next week will be face-based. The third will be eyes. The final week will be nail related.

Also, I'm going to try to have some Halloween related content. I'm pretty excited for this, so hopefully I can get it done and not be a flaky loser about this whole thing.

The first post will be up in a hot minute!


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