Hi! Just a talking post/update!

05 July 2014

Okay, so I've been pretty MIA lately and I definitely feel like I need to give an update.

I am deleting a lot of posts! Why? Because, frankly, they suck. Either the photographs were blurry, I wasn't pleased by how I explained things or I came off rude/bitchy, and I've grown (slightly, lol) and I just feel like they aren't super quality.

I will also be attempting (HAHA) to code my own layout; the one I've had is super old and I'm over it. I want a bit more of a minimalistic look at this point.

I DO have a ton of reviews coming up, that are, hopefully, much better than my previous content. I'm also hoping that by removing a lot of my posts, I will be more inclined to replenish them and post more! :)

Thanks for sticking around!


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