Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection - Perfect Pout Lipstick REVIEW

05 March 2013

Okay, so this review is kind of a long time coming, haha. I've been having some crazy life issues lately. Not that I'm trying to excuse my lack o' blogging, but...there it is. Anyway, I'm back and I'm getting down to work, hence why I've been pumping out the reviews lately! :) ANYWAY, this is a review on some new lipsticks from Wet N Wild and their Fergie collaboration collection. I guess she's the official spokeswoman for the brand now and they came out with some new (assuming these products are permanent since they have their own fixtures in the WNW planos at Walgreens now) products! I actually have a decent amount from the Centerstage Collection, but we're going to start with the lipsticks.

I've tried the MEGA SHIELD™ Lip Color SPF 15, the MEGA LAST® Lip Color (the matte finish lipsticks), and the SILK FINISH® Lipsticks (which are the dollar lipsticks) before and these are kind of...like a mix between all of them. They aren't totally matte but they're not super glossy or crazy hydrating either. That being said, I LOVE these lipsticks. In fact, I will probably buy the rest of them!

NYX Love In Rio Eye Shadow Trio Review

It's going to be an exciting time on my blog if you enjoy NYX products. A lot of new products have come out and Ulta recently had them on sale, so I bought a bunch of new stuff to try. I've been doing a lot of lip product reviews lately so I wanted to get back into the whole eye makeup scene, so you'll have to wait for the Butter Gloss review, sadly!

I have two of the new Love In Rio eye shadow trios to talk about today. NYX has always been known for their eye products - pigmented shadows and a huge color range. I lump NYX in with drugstore makeup, so when you consider the sheer number of products and colors they come in, it's no wonder everyone freaks about this brand! Their old trios are still up on NYX's site. To be honest, I was never really blown away by the old trios (the ones with the round pans) or some other palettes by NYX, so I wasn't expecting miracles from these little guys.

Make Up For Ever & Sephora Lip Kit Review

01 March 2013

I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother LOVES value kits, right? Well, these are full size, permanent products, so I'm going to review them all anyway, okay? I found this set at a Sephora in J.C.Penneys, so I don't know where else this would be available (I can't find it at Sephora.com) but it's only $28 and it's a really good bargain, especially if you wanted to try out some Make Up For Ever lip products. I've only ever used the Glossy Full Couleur glosses and I do like them quite a lot. But as far as lipstick or liner goes, I've never dabbled in that before.

At my local Sephora, there were three different kits: berry, red, and pinky-beige. They come with a lip liner and a lip gloss and you get to choose your own lipstick. Considering all of the products are full-size and it's a $55 value for $28, I was all over that! I chose the pinky-beige kit, and I must say that I really like it. This review might get a little long...apologies! :/

Onwards! :)



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