Maybelline Color Tattoo™ 24 Hour Cream Gel Shadow Review

10 March 2012

Okay, so this is the review that I'm sure tons of people will find totally relevant. This is a review on the Maybelline Color Tattoo™ shadows! Everybody has been going CRAZY for these things and, honestly, this is one of the few products that I feel is pretty much worth the hype. I know, right? I am the most skeptic bastard when it comes to things w/ hype and I am also picky as all hell. If you've read previous reviews of mine, you know that price, while it does play a minimal part, is not the main thing I look for in a product. I am honestly a bit more skeptical of drugstore products because they tend to be a fairly high mark-up for what the product actually is (L'Oréal, I'm looking at you!)

I first spotted and purchased these products probably about two weeks before YT exploded w/ videos and I was in awe of the colors. These have some of the most amazing colors for drugstore cream shadows. I own a ton of the Revlon cream shadow quads, and while some of them are okay, the colors are pretty toned down. This line has the perfect mix of bright and edgy and also neutral and everyday and that is completely perfect. I also really like how there are several different types of finishes. From the drugstore, that is crazy cool. But I've rambled enough, and y'all probably wanna get on w/ the review, right?



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