L'Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Pink Tremolo 105 REVIEW

14 January 2014

This is going to be a review on a new lip product from L'Oréal; the Colour Riche Extaordinaire liquid lipstick. This is basically one of those lipstick/lip gloss hybrids. I'm pretty sure this is their version of the Maybelline The Elixir lippies they have out. The formulas are pretty similar in texture. These are pretty pricy for a lip product; they're currently $9.99 according to L'Oréal's website and that is a lot of money for a drugstore lip gloss. The tube is small and compact, which is nice but at the same time...this product contains 0.18 fl. oz./5.5 mL, which is more than the amount in the Revlon Super Lustrous glosses (0.13 fl. oz./3.9 mL) BUT less than what comes in the Le Glosses from L'Oréal, which are also only seven dollars at most places. (0.40 fl. oz./12 mL)

I only own the one color but I might be picking up a few more and I do really like this particular lip product. The shade I own is "105 Pink Tremolo" and it's a really pretty hot pink. It's not too blue-based and I think it would work well with a variety of skin tones. t's easier for me to type up individual color reviews so this is probably going to be how reviews get done lately, lol. If you like smaller posts like this instead of my huge multi-color reviews, please leave a comment and let me know! :) Thanks in advance.


09 January 2014

I'm not sure if it's just in Michigan, but everyone I know, including me, has been suffering from SUPER CHRONIC DRY SKIN. My hands are absolutely disgusting; my fingers are cracked and scabby. My arms and legs feel practically like sand paper. And my lips...oh, my lips. I tend towards more of a matte finish lip and there is no way in HELL that I can pull off matte lips right now without looking like a hot mess!

So when e.l.f. had a huge sale (50% off EVERYTHING plus free shipping!), I snagged two of the lip exfoliators. I just got my order in today, but I'm making this post the same night because I am actually in love with this product. This is probably the best lip scrub I've used and it's only $3! The Bliss scrubs and Lush scrubs are at least $10 each, plus they come in pots, and this product blows them out of the dang water!

I'll put it this way; I just placed an order for eight more backups because I love this product that much. Since I've literally only had this for one day, that's why I'm titling this blog post "first impressions" and not an actual review. If my opinions do a 180, I will definitely make an updated post. But it's a lip scrub, ya know? I doubt my opinions are going to change drastically, haha.

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased this product for myself, with my own money. I am not sponsored or affliated with the e.l.f. brand, nor am I being compensated for this review. As always, my opinions are my own! :)

N.Y.C. HD Color Trio in "Long Beach Sands" REVIEW

So, I've already failed my NY resolution, bummer! But Bloguary is not totally dead; I just need to stop being a lazy asshole. Let's get this started! This review is going to be on a trio from New York Color, or, N.Y.C. This is a drugstore brand with costs similar to Wet N Wild. However, while WNW has vastly improved their range and has put out products with impressive textures and quality, N.Y.C. has...not. They're known mostly for their matte bronzer in "Sunny", but their eyeshadows have been underwhelming for a long time.

These new trios are supposed to be an improved "HD" formula. They're still pretty cheap and easily accessible; only $2.99 at pretty much any drugstore and they come in 12 different color options, all of which are on the neutral side of the spectrum, mostly bronzes and taupes, with a few color options like plums and olives.

FTC Disclaimer: This product was provided for review purposes through the Influenster program. I am not affliated nor sponsored by New York Color, nor am I receiving any compensation for this review. If you're interested in joining Influenster, I do have a couple of invites left, so leave a comment! I've done a post on Influenster before; click here. I've also reviewed a couple more N.Y.C. products FROM Influenster before; glitter liner and lip gloss.



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