24 August 2011

This post isn't really anything important...or not really. I'm doing a semi-real life, semi-relevant to beauty post on my new hair cut. Not to leave y'all in suspense or anything. I wanted to get the Joan Jett mullet but the lady cut it a bit too short. Oh well, my hair grows super fast, and I kind of wanted a punky sort of hair cut so I'm hoping it looks a bit better when it grows out more.

That being said, I do like having short and long hair, it just doesn't feel right. Anyway, let's get to some random pictures so you can see how my bangs have a mind of their own and only like looking...well, however the bloody fuck they want to look. And, sadly, it's usually not good, haha.

So, yes, I do like it, and I love having short hair again. But if it were just a little longer in the back and if my bangs weren't crazy, it would be complete love.


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