New Lip Products Swatch Post

08 January 2012

This is going to be a random swatch post of all the new lip products I've purchased in the last six weeks or so. Or at least the ones I don't plan on doing individual posts on. The Revlon Lip Butters are a very popular product but I don't want to edit in these in case people don't see them and it's not worth making a new separate post, no matter how popular these are.

The Lip Butters are, for the most part, the only lip products I took actual lip swatch photos for. The rest, I didn't, since I'm not planning on reviewing them. If, of course, you would like a separate review post on anything besides the Lip Butters in this post, please leave me a comment and let me know! :) If you're interested in my review on the Revlon Lip Butters, you can click the picture above and it will link you to the review post! The nature of this post involves a lot of pictures w/ minimal dialogue, for warning.

Revlon Lip Butter - I've already reviewed these; you can read that review here. These are probably the last three colors that I'm interested in but that doesn't mean I won't end up buying more, haha.

From L-R: "Red Velvet", "Cherry Tart", and "Fig Jam".

From L-R: "Red Velvet", "Cherry Tart", and "Fig Jam".

"Red Velvet".

"Cherry Tart.

"Fig Jam".

Bonne Bell - These products came in a holiday set that I got on sale. I haven't owned any Bonne Bell products since I was in high school so I guess this was a walk down memory lane. The tinted lip balm smells great but it has no pigmentation whatsoever. The glosses are pretty much like how I remember. The raspberry one smells...really gross. It smells like bath wash raspberry but not lip product raspberry. Maybe it's just me but I prefer my lip products to be food scents...not flowery. But the color is nice. The candy cane one smells amazing - like mint and vanilla.

From L-R: "Raspberry", "Candy Cane", and "Watermelon Sorbet".

Burt's Bees - These products also came in a gift set that was put on clearance as well. The shimmer balm is fantastic, although not the color I would have chosen. The tinted lip balm is a huge disappointment. The color looks like it would be a nice, deep red but it goes on practically clear. I was pretty disappointed by the tinted balm. It shows up in the swatch like oil.

Sinful Colors - These glosses are from the same brand as the Sinful Colors nail polish that sells super cheap at places like Walgreens and Meijer. I've only seen these glosses in Walgreens and I'm not sure if they're expanding to a full color product line, or if it will be nail and lip only. The shimmery pink gloss is nice - medium level of stickiness, decent pay-off, and an average staying power. However the gloss w/ the cream finish is sheer and has little color pay-off.

The last two glosses were super cheap - one is from a brand called Essence, the other is a Rimmel Moisture Renew gloss. I like the Essence glosses but I dislike the Rimmel ones. They have a terrible scent and flavor. I got this one solely for the color but it's such a sheer, watery red that it doesn't even show. The silver glittery gloss was such a novelty, especially for a drugstore brand, that I had to get it. It reminded me of the silver Dazzleglass from MAC's Glitter & Ice collection. I actually like it!

Essence gloss in "16" and Rimmel Moisture Renew gloss in "Cherry Boost".

The Essence gloss swatched on my lips. It doesn't look nearly as crazy as you have expected, haha.


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