Laura Geller Balance-N-Bronze Review

10 December 2011

This is going to be part of a mini review set I'm doing. I recently purchased a box set from Ulta by the brand Laura Geller. It was $60 (or $45, w/ my employee discount) for five full-size products and a couple of brushes. Unfortunately, the Baked & Beautiful set seems to be fairly hard to find. Also, five products is a lot to review in one post so since all of these products are available for single purchase, I'm just dividing these reviews up by product. This review is going to be on the Laura Geller Balance-N-Bronze powder duo in "Regular".

This product is a duo of the Balance-N-Brighten powder foundation and the Bronze-N-Brighten bronzer. Now, most pictures of this product online show an even split b/t the foundation and bronzer but mine has a lot more foundation than bronzer. Which is totally fine w/ me and I will get into that in the review. All LG Baked Collection products start out as a blend of liquid pigments which are then baked for 24 hours on terracotta plates. This is supposed to result in a really fine, silky powder which, due to the different color swirls w/in the powder, are supposed to match all skin tones and also be good for all skin types. This product is $31 alone and can be purchased at Laura Geller's website, QVC, and for sure, and probably anywhere LG products are sold. It comes in two shades - "Fair" and "Regular".



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