Maybelline Eye Studio® Color Tattoo™ Metal REVIEW (Barely Branded and Gold Rush)

10 June 2013

Okay, so this is obvious proof as to how damn far behind I am...curse you, hockey! Anyway, I picked up these two cream shadows way back when they first came out...I know, I know, long frickin' time ago, right? Well, better late than never? Haha, yeah, that's what I tell myself to sleep at night. ANYWHO, I was terribly interested in this new line of Color Tattoo products from Maybelline. I did a review on the whole line when they first came out (there are ten permanent shades in the regular collection and I have all of them) which you can read at the link. And if you've already read that post, then you know I really like these things!

Since I do have a full blog post on these products and how they function, etc, I'm not going to go way into depth explaining that stuff here. I have a couple of the limited edition shades and they all function very similar to each other, to be honest. There are definitely textural differences, depending on the finishes and the color payoff also varies. It's that kind of thing I'll talk about here. So I'd just like to say that these wear like iron on me, do not crease, smudge, or budge, and make excellent color bases.

Now that we have that jazz out of the way, let's go!

Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette in Maldives Sky REVIEW

09 June 2013

So while I actually have access to a computer, I figured it would be pretty dang smart if I just typed up a couple more blogs. So here's a review I meant to do ages ago. I just never got around to it. BUT this stuff is permanent, not LE like I had originally thought. The WNW Fergie nail polishes are available pretty much everywhere, but the Fergie Centerstage Collection is found only at Walgreens, so if you're interested in checking it out, you won't be able to find it elsewhere, sadly. At least, that is my general understanding, haha. There are four eyeshadow palettes in this collection, but I only have two of the four. Originally, I was going to review both of them at the same time, but I like the other palette so much better so, yeah...haha.

I have another review on some of the lipsticks from this collection, which you can read here, if you're interested!

I'm pretty sure that these palettes are about $4.99 but that might vary depending on location. Now, WNW does offer 8-pan palettes for the same price but I actually like these better. I know the 8-pan palettes are everyone's favorite, and if they work for you, that's fantastic. They're so powdery and chalky and fall-out prone. I'm not crazy about the high level of shimmer those shadows have either. For the most part, the frosty shimmer is pretty cheap looking on me. It looks amazing on other people though! In fact, I'm incredibly jealous, haha. So if those shadows work for you, I'd go for it. These palettes only have five shadows, versus the eight in the other ones.

Where the F#@& have I been? And a Maybelline Mascara Review

06 June 2013

So, I know, I know. My last blog post was like...frickin' three months ago. And I am so, so sorry for that! I hope to never get this far behind again. Unfortunately I don't have regular access to a computer, so I will probably be stuck with a single blog a week, but that's better than nothing, right? Hopefully? Gosh, everyone, I feel like a huge douche. :(

First off, I DO have a tablet but I can't edit my blog photos on said tablet, so that doesn't do me much good. I have an Influenster review that I desperately need to get up ASAP but after that, nothing much. So where have I been? Well, school partly. This past semester kicked my ass.

Also, I started a new, old job. I work at Ulta Beauty and I recently transferred stores. Unfortunately, I'm still living in my old city so I have a nice hour long drive. There's a lot of stuff I could say about that, but...yeah.

Finally, hockey. Omfg, hockey. It has consumed my SOUL, guys. Now, as I've mentioned before, I was essentially born and raised in the shitty state of Michigan. So obviously, I am a huge Red Wings fan. And my team made it much further in the Stanley Cup playoffs than expected, so I've pretty much been glued to a TV. Now, as people might know, we lost in OT in game 7 to the Chicago Blackhawks, but the playoffs aren't over yet! I've been kind of obsessive with hockey this year...not quite sure why, haha.

Actually, it's probably because we have some really hot players. And, you know, I love hockey as a sport. It's the only one I can stand watching, actually. My parents are both native Detroiters, so it might have been inevitable that I would love the Red Wings! Seriously though...Michigan does hockey right.

Brendan Smith, #2 defenseman. What can I say? I want the D.

Anyway, I've been paying an insane amount of attention to the Pittsburgh - Boston series. I'm not a fan of either team...actually, I dislike both. Butttttt...I'm certainly no Blackhawks fan. Personally, I want the LA Kings to win the Cup again.

Okay, enough of that.



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