Hard Candy Stay In Line Mechanical Pencil in Santorini (REVIEW)

28 August 2011

Okay, so I've definitely blathered on about my love of mascaras and eyeliners w/ lash growth serum (here and here for two examples) and I'm continuing the sparse lash girl love w/ a really kick ass product. I'm also pretty sure that if you've been here before, you know I love color. And if you haven't been here before? Well, I bloody well love color (and, no, I am, sadly, not British, but I have a bad tendency to curse like a sailor and I'm hoping 'bloody' is a bit less offensive as busting out the f-word...if it IS offensive and annoying, please comment and chew me out! I don't want to go around offending and upsetting people!) And let me just say...Oh, well, before I go and spoil the whole review, let me jump and then you can continue reading!

I gotta say, this liner is pretty standard. Here's the description from Walmart's online store, because this liner is SO new that HC has no description up yet:

Line eyes with maximum control with Hard Candy Stay In Line Eyeliner, a precise mechanical eyeliner and smudger. The self-sharpening retractable pencil allows for easy, smooth application. Each liner is infused with growth serum to promote long-term lash growth."

Now color me paranoid, but I'm a bit afraid to use this on my actual waterline. I'm sure it's actually physically impossible for random hairs to sprout their merry way out of my waterline and I best get over myself, but I am also terrified of zombies. So, obviously, I am not the most rational! I did try it (I have the color "Santorini", which is a bright blue, w/ a hint of teal to it) and it looked awesome, but I'm so used to black. I plan on getting this liner in the black shade, so we'll test that out. (And I'll update if I start growing hair from my eyeballs or something. I don' know, it's a stupid fear, but I use SO MANY lash growth serums that who knows...maybe it'll go into over drive and I'll start growing so much hair that I could join the circus...okay, now I'm going to have nightmares!)

Again, the formula itself is pretty basic. The liner is a bit on the harder side but does go on pretty smoothly and opaquely. It definitely blends out well. I love mechanical pencils because they're easy but I will note that my smudge tip has this weird pointy bit that I keep forgetting to yank off. It doesn't come out w/ a pull-out sharpener like many pencils do, which, if you use this to line your upper lashline, might make it a bit harder to get a precise line.

So, this liner is pretty nice. Of course, Wet N Wild liners are equally nice, AND they're $4.07 cheaper (this liner will cost you five bucks). BUT the Hard Candy one does have a BIG edge. The first being my adoration and obsession w/ lash growth serums and products w/ serum built in and the second being...well, this is the most ridiculously hot eyeliner color I have seen in the drugstore.

OMG. I am in LOVE w/ this color. I have been finding excuses to wear it on my lower lashline EVERY DAY. ("Pink eyeshadow? Ah, well, they sort of match." "All neutral eyes and I have an interview to attend? Ah, well, brown looks GREAT w/ blue and maybe they'll just think I'm fun and quirky!" "Black and red shadow, like my highschool "mall goth" days? Ah, well, the blue makes it look more raver." RIIIIIGHT...) When I don't set it, it lasts for roughly five hours. I usually set it w/ either MAC's "Electric Eel" or Urban Decay's "Peace", depending on if I want shimmer or a matte look. When I set w/ an eyeshadow, this darn stuff stays on until I go to remove my makeup!

This liner is only five dollars and while it's fairly standard in all ways (price, staying power, formula) it WINS at life by having lash growth serum (or saying it does...hell, I will WERK the placebo effect!) AND by being the most amazing color I have seen in a pencil eyeliner in a LOOOOOONG time. ♥


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