Make Up For Ever Flash Palette Review and Epic Fail

24 August 2011

I'm going to start out by saying that the fail was completely and totally on my end. I love the everlasting fudge-balls out of this palette and would re-buy in a heartbeat, so it is most definitely not because of anything MUFE did or didn't do. I have no complaints what-so-ever about this product, although there are some downsides, but they're to be expected when you consider the actual nature of this product. I mean, besides the price, which I know is pretty high.

BUT...when I review products, I consider how useful the product is and also how well it achieves what it says it does and also whether or not the product is a good deal for what it is. This palette will cost around $100 but it is a $216 value and, quite honestly, I feel it is worth every penny. But let's get on w/ it!

FTC Disclaimer: I WISH I was affiliated w/ Make Up For Ever...I love a lot of their products and their artistry is beyond amazing, but sadly, I am not. I don't make any money from MUFE, but I AM affiliated w/ Amazon, so if you click on the link, I make crack money money, which would probably go to more makeup to play w/ and review.

Make Up For Ever Flash Colors are essentially high quality grease/face paints. Each 7g pot is, individually, $17 and they come in 24 multi-purpose shades. They have some metallic colors and bright mattes as well and these can be used absolutely anywhere you want; eyes, lips, cheeks, and body. The palette was a Sephora exclusive but can be found on places like Amazon as well. I have wanted this palette for so frickin''s not even funny. I finally found it in stock at the Detroit Sephora store and snatched it up in a hot second and I can honestly say that it has not disappointed!

MUFE says:

A must-have for any professional make-up artist, these thick, creamy colors flawlessly cover the skin. The colors can be easily shaded together to obtain a wide variety of effects, depending on the quantity applied. They are used to color special effects and help to simulate many different color effects (such as wounds, illnesses, etc.) They can also be used as party and holiday make-up for children."

I like this so much...all of the colors go on opaque but can be sheered out and mixed to create more colors. Plus, this palette can be used for so many different things. This is also a great deal - this comes w/ 70g of product total, so divided between the 12 colors, it's a little under 6g each. Considering a full size is 7g, uh, yeah. I don't this product claims to be waterproof, so this can be a bonus and a negative, depending on the person. I never have had an issue w/ it. This product is excellent for makeup artists! A tiny bit goes a LONG WAY.

Some things to note: there ARE product precautions, due to the dyes used in some of the colors. I have used colors on both my lips and my eyes but I also don't have a strong sensitivity to dyes and I'm not you, so I can't (and don't) recommend using them as such and I'm saying to proceed w/ caution if you choose to!

Do not use following colors near the eyes : 002 (Coral) - 005 (Fuchsia) - 017 (Red)
Do not use following colors on the lips : 003 (Silver) - 010 (White) - 014 (Bright Blue)

Here's a list of things that I've used these for, just to name a few:

  • Eyeshadow bases (w/ a primer and a really thin layer).
  • Cream blushes.
  • Lip colors.
  • Cream eyeliners (but not in my waterline).
  • Face art.
  • Color correctors w/ my concealer.
  • I've used a mix of the brown and white to color in my brows and set them as well.
  • I've lightened up foundations w/ the white color.
  • The brown makes a great cream contour.

From L-R: "004 Gold", "002 Coral", "000 Turquoise", "005 Fuchsia", "013 Yellow", "023 Brown".

From L-R: "003 Silver", "010 White", "017 Red", "014 Bright Blue", "008 Leaf Green", "011 Black".

There are downsides. Considering you aren't supposed to use some of the colors on your eyes or lips, that's a definite bummer. These are super soft and creamy and it is really easy to pick up WAY too much product; my swatches are a prime example of this. Also, hand in hand w/ the whole too much product - these aren't meant to be waterproof like the Aqua Colors and if you do pick up too much product and apply it to your eye, you run the risk of your eyeshadow creasing, regardless of if you used a primer or not. These also don't make the greatest cream shadows - they're awesome as color bases, but on their own they can fade. They blend super easily but they can also smear just as easily. Finally, they feel like a matte lipstick on the lips and it can get uncomfortably dry feeling.

Now on to my fail. I won't waste your time wondering - my dumbass self forgot this palette in MY CAR on a hot summer can see where this is going, right?

Of course, I am still using this palette! I definitely recommend that if you have the interest and the cash, or if you're a makeup artist, you need to check this out. The product is so versatile and the value is so amazing, it would be silly to pass this up!



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