Hard Candy Glossaholic Lipgloss Review

11 August 2011

Another Hard Candy review! This time, it's on some sweet frickin' lipglosses - the Glossaholic glosses. These are really similar in style to the MAC Wonder Woman collection; they're the same size and the wands are the same. These glosses come in six different shades. There are also two special glosses that are supposed to help either relax you or wake you up, but I'm going to review those separately. You can find that review here.

These glosses can be found at Walmart and they're $5 each. I often find that Hard Candy products tend to be hit or miss for me. I either love the products to death or I think they're awful. But these glosses are definitely on my love list. In fact, I've gone through one entirely because I love them that much.

So let's continue!

Let's start out w/ the usual - Hard Candy's product description:

SUPER HUGE MEGA WATT LIPS One dip covers your lips! Ginormous applicator with gloss cup deposits gloss to your whole mouth in one swipe! These super lustrous lip glosses are infused with prisms of color that make lips appear fuller and plumper. Out of this world hyper-reflective prisms of pearl make lips sparkle like crazy!"

These glosses don't contain glitter...they actually contain glitter FLAKES. These glosses are shiny. The color isn't super intense - they're sheer. Basically, you're not going to get a super pigmented look out of these. Even though they're sheer, there's still a bit of color to these. The flakes aren't gritty like some glitter glosses can be. They feel smooth on the lips. I have two out of the six glosses. These glosses contain a whooping 10.8g of gloss and the applicator is just as oversized as the tube itself.

This is the size comparison of the Hard Candy glosses to a normal gloss wand. That's a MAC Lipglass wand, for reference.

The other interesting thing about the wand is that the slanted tip has a dip in it. This "gloss cup" is supposed to collect enough gloss to be able to cover both lips in one go. I don't know how well this picture shows it, but I tried to capture the gloss cup.

These glosses are smooth feeling and sticky enough to have a little bit of staying power...if they didn't taste so damn good! The normal color glosses taste like vanilla frosting. I actually find these hard to keep on my lips for a while because I just eat it off. I can honestly say that I'm not sure just how long they last because they don't last long enough on my lips, haha. The glitter flecks aren't super noticeable on the lips. These glosses remind me of the Superglasses from MAC, just much more wearable (the MAC glosses are SUPER pigmented.) Because of the shine and the glitter, these glosses make the lips look fuller. They're not ACTUALLY lip plumpers but they do have a similar effect, w/o causing the allergic reaction.

I bought two colors - a bright one to test the pigmentation level and one that's a color I would actually wear: Fireball and Gorgeous. So now the fun stuff: swatches and pictures.


This is the brightest shade offered. There's a brownish shade that didn't interest me and a bright pink that I want to get, but Fireball is a nice, bright red w/ reddish-orange glitter flecks. This color shows up better on my lips, since I already have really pigmented lips, but you can still see lip lines and all that jazz. This is my favorite out of the two I have. I normally don't go for reds, but this is so sheer that it's not intimidating at all.

Lip swatch, complete w/ my usual lip swatch "herp derp" face. I haven't been cropping the pictures due to that nasty looking burn on my mouth. :/


The second shade I have is "Gorgeous" which is a pale, bluish-pink w/ pink flecks that shine green. This one appears to be a bit less sheer; it looks thicker on the mouth and my lip lines are less noticeable. This is a pretty color swatched, but it looks very close to MY lips and acts more like a glossy topcoat and less of a color gloss. I like it for what it is - awesome smelling/tasting and glossy, but the color isn't as awesome on me as I had hoped.

More awkward faces, haha.

Finally, here are hand swatches:

They're blurry to show off the glitter flecks better.

So, basically, these glosses are awesome. They smell good, they taste good, and they're ridiculously shiny and glittery. They're most definitely worth the price and worth checking out if you're in the market!


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