Smashbox BB Water SPF 30 REVIEW

03 August 2015

I don't often do foundation and other base products reviews. It typically takes me a while to get them done, partly because I typically like to test them out with a variety of primers and powders to get a feel on how a product is going to function. But this is a foundation that I feel I have a grasp on after about a week of wear; every now and then a product is like that! For example - the Smashbox BB Cream is my HG product STILL. I purchased it way back when it first hit the market and I've repurchased several times, which, for me is INCREDIBLY RARE. I've loved that BB cream since the first use and I haven't looked back. Every now and then I feel like trying out one of those incredibly raved about Korean BB creams (especially seeing as how I, myself, am Korean) BUT then I remember that the Smashbox BB cream exists AND that I can use my discount on it, haha. So this BB Water had a lot of competition to beat out its prior incarnation.

Did it manage it? Click the jump to find out!

FTC Disclaimer: This product was received by me as gratis from my job. I am employed by Ulta BUT all opinions in this post are mine alone and do not reflect those of my employer. I am not affiliated nor sponsored by the company in question, nor have I received any monetary compensation for this post. As always my opinions are thoroughly my own.



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