Covergirl LiquilineBlast in Green Glow Review

16 August 2011

Nope, this is definitely not an EOTD, haha. This is just me playing around w/ some liners, including the one I am about to review. That liner would be Covergirl's LiquilineBlast liner in "Green Glow". I love liquid liners. I love the intense look...I just love everything about liquid liners. However, they can be tricky to use. What's neat about this pencil is the fact that it's supposed to mimic the look of liner w/ the ease of a pencil liner.

This picture right here will take you to my main eyeliner post, if you're interested. Other than that, let's continue. This liner retails between $6 to $8, depending on where you get it. It's by Covergirl, so it's pretty readily available in drugstores, grocery stores, etc. I only have the one color because I just wasn't interested in the others. I have several really good black liners already, although the formula of this is really nice. There are six shades available and I would say that they're a pretty decent drugstore dupe of Urban Decay's liners.

Okay, enough rambling!

Covergirl's website says:

With Liquiline blast, you'll get all the intensity and staying power of a liquid with the ease and blendability of a waterproof pencil. Use the liner as-is for intense definition or smoke-it-out with the built-in smudger end for a subtle, smoky look.

  • Liquid-like formula + the ease of a pencil applicator
  • Smudger tip lets you customize your intensity
  • Waterproof formula
  • Pencil requires sharpener"

This liner is super creamy. This particular color isn't amazing in the waterline, but I imagine the darker colors would be because this liner is INTENSE. You don't need to continuously go over the line to get great color pay-off. The built-in smudger is nice and works pretty well. This is a waterproof liner, so it will "set", but it seems to take a little bit longer than other liners I've tried, so you do have a chance to move it around and play w/ it.


I really like this liner a lot. The color is right up my alley - bright lime green. This also works really well as a shadow base. Before I bought my NARS "Celebrate" shadow stick, this was my favorite lime green base. It blends out really nicely and this stuff is pretty budge-proof once it sets. I've been able to wear it all day. Like I mentioned before, this particular color isn't that visible in my waterline, but it was visible to me in a compact mirror for about three hours before fading. I love the Milani Liquif-Eye liners but they're EXTREMELY soft, like Stila's Kajal liners. If you're not a big fan of super soft liners, because of smearing issues or if you're a contact wearer, I would suggest checking this liner out because it is less soft and smudgy than those two.



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