Ulta Smokey Eyes, Metallic Eyes, and Automatic Liner Review

16 August 2011

Okay, so I can't find the Ulta Smokey Eyes liners on their website anymore, BUT they were still selling them in my Ulta store as of last week. So I guess I'll talk about them anyway, and if you can spot them in your store and are interested, definitely check them out. Anyway, this is going to be a review on several Ulta brand eyeliners!

I never really had any inclinations to purchase Ulta makeup. Whenever I am at Ulta, it's because I'm buying Urban Decay or Smashbox or because NYX is in sale and I'm buying a ton of eyelashes and glitter liners. But I love those free gift w/ purchase things and Ulta makeup had one going on a while ago (yeah, I've had these liners for over a year...I'm on top w/ this whole review thing, aren't I?) and I decided to get some stuff.

Color me a snot, but I don't like to use cheap mascara or mascara from brands that aren't like...Maybelline and L'Oreal. I'm really picky w/ mascaras and I usually stick to what I like, which is Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes and CARGO's TexasLash. I also like Too Faced Lash Injection and lately, MAC's Opulash. (For the record, I also really like Maybelline's One By One and L'Oreal Carbon Black Voluminous!) But I definitely didn't want to try their mascara or lip products or face products...so it was pretty much eyeliner...or more eyeliner. Or, you know, eyeliner.

So, I went w/ the eyeliner.

We'll start w/ the Smokey Eyes ones. I have two colors and I think the premise behind these liners is that they all came in darker colors and they can be smudged out for a smokey eye look. Or something like that! Ulta's website states:

Uncap this automatic, waterproof eyeliner for eyes that speak volumes. Line a little for a subtle accent or draw more boldly for dramatically different eyes."



These liners are pretty nice, actually. They're a bit harder than I'd like, but they smoke out nicely and the colors are fabulous. I don't use these all that much, but I'm not a huge pencil eyeliner fan. I usually stick to liquid liner and occasionally gel liner. But the colors are really nice.

Moving onto the Automatic liners, Ulta says:

Smooth, deep colors glide on effortlessly from the automatic tip of this eyeliner. Color is long-lasting and waterproof, for dramatic, attention-getting eyes. No sharpening is required."

I have this liner in "Teal". The color is really nice. These last a decent amount of time, but not all day on me. I get about...three to four hours of use, less on my lower lashline and waterline. This liner did fade on me throughout the day. I like the color I have, but I wouldn't repurchase.

Finally, moving on to the Metallic Automatic liners!

This metallic eyeliner by ULTA gives your eye that extra sparkle to emphasize your eyes."

This is my favorite out of the four liners and the only one I'd repurchase. I don't think this particular liner is waterproof, but this looks really pretty in the waterline and it also looks great in general. It's not as metallic as the Milani Liquif-Eye liners, but it's a bit easier to haul around because it's automatic. All in all, I really like this liner.

"Golden Eyes".

L-R: "Teal", "Golden Eyes", "Cobalt", and "Ivy".



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