e.l.f. Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick Review

16 August 2011

This is going to be a review of an e.l.f. Studio Line product - the Eyeliner & Shadow Stick. I have two of the six color combinations. Lots of brands make these types of products - Wet N Wild has their Perfect Pair duos, which are a cream shadow stick w/ a coordinating liner. What I like about these products is they seem super easy. You can blend on the shadow and then you have a color coordinating liner right on the other end. Plus these liner/shadow duos are automatic, which means no sharpening!

e.l.f. Studio Line products often go on sale at e.l.f.'s website for 50% off. You can find the Studio products in Target stores, some Big Lots, and I've found them at my local Meijer store as well. These products are $3 each, which is still pretty cheap, but if you can get a coupon code, they'll be $1.50 each!

On e.l.f.'s website, they say:

Achieve color intensity for your eyes with twist-up ease (no sharpening required)! Glide on the dark soft gel “liner” to create dramatic definition to the eyes. The light-reflecting pigments help line the eye subtly but intensely for a fuller more enhanced effect. Use the smooth glide “shadow” stick for soft highlighting color on the eyes to complement the liner for a polished and finished look. Perfect for creating an easy smoky eye!"

These are really creamy. The liner is super easy to blend. The problem I find is that the liners are TOO smudgy and they aren't contrasting enough to the shadow stick so that they pretty much just smudge together. I don't have creases, so I don't know if these ACTUALLY crease, but they did seemingly evaporate after a hour, so I imagine that, yes, they will crease like a motherf%#^er. The liner also seems to bleed into the shadow. The plum/purple one is pretty but I always set it w/ a powder. The pearl/glow one is great for inner corner highlights. I don't really use these as they're supposed to be used, but more or less as sticky bases for powder eyeshadows.

They aren't BAD, but I can't use them as recommended. They're only three bucks though, so I'm not complaining! :)








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