Zombie Apocalypse & Friends

12 July 2011

Haha, I was reminded about this from my parents actually. They're quite entertained w/ the fact that they've known this girl since we were around nine or ten years old.

I had never actually read this article before but not that I have...who the fuck is embarrassed to ride in her car? I don't get it.

Oh well, I'm sure horror movie fans and most everyone will get a kick out of this, so if you didn't know, you should.

And if you don't know Emily, then read her damn blog. I mean, if you're at MY blog, you probably have some sort of interest in makeup. And she blogs about it too. So, yeah. Click those links!

Eye Studio® Color Explosion™ in 10 Amethyst Ablaze & Master Drama™ Cream Pencil in Midnight Master Review

While on a recent shopping trip, my eye was drawn to an endcap. I usually always glance over endcaps to see what is new or if there are any BOGOs or products w/ an added gift, but this time my attention was drawn to a new Maybelline display. They had shadow palettes and new eyeliner pencils. I love eyeshadow and I love automatic liners PLUS I was armed w/ coupons AND there was a BOGO50% so obviously these new products were going to be mine.

I love greens but usually of the bright or neon variety...forest greens aren't my piece o' cake. There was a palette of greens but most of the colors didn't scream out to me. I am not super huge into blue shadows and the pink one was okay. I imagine I'll end up buying the neutral palette eventually. I ended up getting 10 Amethyst Ablaze, which had some really fun purples. I also picked up a Master Drama™ Cream Pencil in 405 Vibrant Violet.

The liner was around $7.99 and the palette was $9.49 before tax. They are new products, however, so I expect that the price will drop. I imagine you'll be able to find these palettes and liners in any drugstore that stocks Maybelline. I am assuming they are going to be in the permanent line but as of right now stores appear to only have a couple of each color in stock.

Physicians Formula Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Mascara Review

11 July 2011

I am a mascara junkie. It's the one beauty product I always have on hand and, ironically, is usually the one beauty product I frequently forget to apply. That being said, it's also one of the few products that I'll wear alone. I hardly ever wear foundations and powders and sometimes I'll go w/o eyeshadow but I'll still wear mascara! I have the typical stick straight, sparse, full-o'-sadness Asian lashes. They are similar to my hair in the sense of they hate being curled. For me, a good mascara is one that holds a curl and in my lashes, that is rare.

But since my lashes are so hard to please, when I find a mascara that both lengthens and thickens, I keep it around, even if it's not so great at holding a curl because even wax-based waterproof mascaras do not prevent my lashes from pointing straight down in ten minutes.

This is going to be a review on the Physicians Formula Physicians Formula Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Mascara. This product has been out for a while and I've always been interested in trying it, but I could never convince myself to do so. This product is around $9 at drugstores.



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