Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Summer 2014 FIRST IMPRESSIONS/REVIEW

10 May 2014

Okay, so a few days ago I had posted a new CG products haul post (you can find that here if you're interested) and three of the new products were new face products. Now, unfortunately, I don't have good news, personally. I've heard horror stories about CG's Clean makeup, which can break people out like crazy. I've also read that some people have bad reactions to ALL Covergirl makeup. One of my favorite foundations is the Outlast Stay Fabulous liquid foundation. I wore it six days a week for three months, with no wonky reactions.

I do not have acne-prone skin. I get a pimple every couple of months, maybe. There has only been one other product that has ever had this bad of an effect on my non-sensitive skin, and that was a serum-moisturizer from Garnier. I mentioned in the haul post that I thought I was having a reaction to the concealer, because I developed six pimples only on my undereye area...yeah, no.

The way these products work is similar to Maybelline's Fit Me line; you select your liquid foundation shade and from there you can pick out the corresponding powder and concealer. My shade in the foundation is "215 Warm Beige" and my shade in both the powder and concealer is "Medium", which is for shades 215 and 220.

Okay, let's get this party started. WARNING: this post is photo-heavy and there is A LOT of text. And contains a lot of pics of my derpy-ass face. I apologize in advance. (I'm adding page anchors, so you can skip to whichever part you're interested in.) And, yeah, I will never switch to contacts.

FTC Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this post was purchased by me, with my own money. I am not compensated for this review, I am not affiliated with Covergirl or Proctor & Gamble, and all opinions are, as always, my own.

Covergirl Lipslicks Smoochies in #smooch REVIEW

07 May 2014

I was pretty tardy to the party, as far as these Covergirl Lipslicks Smoochies go. I had read/watched a few reviews and everyone seemed pretty down on these; the biggest complaint seemed to be that these had a lack of pigmentation. And if you've been around on my blog for a while, you know one of my biggest pet peeves is when a balm claims to be tinted and then isn't. So basically, I wasn't interested in trying these. Now, I used to have a couple of the CG old school Lipslicks, and I remembered liking those alright. Finally, curiosity killed the Kate and a makeup haul brought her back.

I do have two shades in this, but I couldn't find the other one, so I'll review the individual shade on my Tumblr when I locate it, but since buying those two, I've purchased a few more, and there's not a wide change in the formula, so this is going to be a stand alone review. These widely vary in price for me, they're about $4.99 or so at Walmart and $7.99 at Walgreens, so YMMV for sure. The only difference is that Walgreens has sales and coupons and their Wellness card or whatnot, so you can actually get rewards and stuff for purchasing them there. Also, CG often goes on those BOGO50 sales.

I'm not typically a huge CG fan in the slightest, but lately they've been impressing me with their face products and some of their lip and nail products, so who knows. Eye, their shadows are not my favorite, but you usually can't go wrong with Lash Blast mascara.


06 May 2014

I'm sure everyone has noticed that there are quite a lot of new products at the drugstore. I actually feel a bit overwhelmed, haha. I only knew about a couple of the new Covergirl releases, so imagine my surprise when I was browsing my local Walgreens and spotted a whole new face products display for Covergirl.

Judging by the packaging and the titles, I'm thinking that the powder foundation and the concealer are just repackaged and reformulated Fresh Complexion powder and concealer, especially since it says "Fresh Complexion" on the new packaging AND the products look pretty much identical (except for the whole "Ready, Set, Gorgeous" stuff and the color is now white instead of blue.) Downside is that all of this stuff is so new that it isn't even up on the website yet.

I've been using all of these products for about five days now, so I will be doing some first impression posts on my Tumblr because it's a bit easier to blog from there, BUT full reviews will still be up on this main blog.



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