24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner Review

24 September 2011

I'm going to talk about a product I was incredibly excited for - the 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner from Urban Decay. I used to hate liquid liner because I was horrible at applying the stuff. I got really into gel liner for a while but liquid liner just seemed so convenient. I was introduced to the L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense and it was love at first streak. After that, I decided to give liquid liner a try again. You don't need to dirty up a brush and w/ liners like the L'Oreal one or the Maybelline Line Stiletto®, application is super easy, because they have a flexible felt tip instead of a brush, so the tip isn't going to randomly flare out.

After that, I tried out the Physicians Formula Eye Booster and fell in love, haha. Pen-style liners are so easy to use and you feel like you get more control. This has a brush tip, but the tip is tightly packed and has never flared out on me. As of right now, this liquid liner is unsurpassed by any I've tried and this liner, while being decent, doesn't beat the PF one or even the Maybelline liner for me. I didn't actually buy this liner on its own - a fullsize liner comes in the Book of Shadows Vol. 4. The color I have is in "Perversion", which is the carbon black shade.

Urban Decay's website says this:

Draw liquid lines so sharp they could cut glass. Our slender brush lays down long-lasting matte, slick and shimmery shades sure to satisfy your color lust.

Achieve clean, sharp WATERPROOF lines with shocking ease. The newest addition to our 24/7 franchise is available in a veritable rainbow of long-lasting, highly-pigmented, WATERPROOF color options – shades ranging from matte to glossy to shimmery! (And why would you only buy one? Try them all!) Use the ultra-fine brush tip to create lines that are razor-thin or thick, even and bold. The brush is also short and easy to control, making it ideal for liquid liner newbies. The slim pens are convenient – go ahead and pack ‘em all into your makeup bag – and are color-matched to each shade."

These liners contain 0.25 oz of product and retail for $18. These liners come in 11 shades; the pink one seems like it would be fantastical. When I first saw the packaging, I assumed they'd be similar to the Stila Sparkle Liners and the MUFE Aqua Liners but they're not. This is closer in consistency to the Milani Infinite liners...not as thick, but pretty close. Where the Stila and MUFE liners are much more liquid-y and have a felt tip applicator, these liners have an actual brush. I was kind of disappointed by this, because I have much better luck w/ the felt tip liners but you DO get a ton more product for your money - 7.5ml for $18 as opposed to 1.7ml for $22 (Stila) or $23 (MUFE).

This liner is like glue. I mean...it doesn't go on like glue. But they're not kidding when they say this is long lasting. I won't lie, the PF liner does have flaking issues...it's just the ease of use makes it brilliant b/c it takes five seconds to reapply it. This liner does not flake. It does not migrate to other places on my face. It does not fade or smudge. And, hell, it doesn't come off w/ the majority of my makeup removers. Washing my face? I won't have any eyeshadow or mascara left, but this liner will still be on. I was able to wear it for 15 hours and everything else looked like shit and I looked like I had sex in a gutter, while rubbing dirt on my face, but this liner was still on.

This liner is really black. It's about the same level of blackness as the Maybelline liner and doesn't flake. I also like how skinny the brush tip is. This is probably the smallest liquid liner applicator I have seen. It's hard to tell just how thin this thing is. It's super easy to get a really defined line, if you have a steadier hand than I do!

What I don't like about this liner has nothing to do w/ the quality of the product. In fact, this is personal comfort level - the handle is soooo long that I, personally, really blow at applying this. I drink way too much caffeine to be able to draw a steady line. When I write, I hold my pencils near the tip...same thing w/ liquid liners. W/ pen-style liners like the PF one, it's easy to hold it close to the end and get enough control to draw a smooth line and to also be able to wing it out. I'm sure if I practiced, well, practice makes perfect. But I'm just impatient and lazy and I'll end up using other liners that I am not a clumsy shit w/.

If you're a beginner at liquid liner, you might find this one a little harder to work w/. The tip is so skinny that it's very easy to go places you don't want it to. But if you like dark black liners that don't budge, not even for some makeup removers, then I recommend this liner FOR SURE.



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