imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway Nails® REVIEW

01 December 2012

Here is the second review for the College 2012 VoxBox I received from Influenster! There were two makeup products in this box, and that's all that I'll be making actual reviews on because, well, I write makeup reviews! And I'm not about to do a review on, say, the Necco Wafers or something, haha.

I've done an intro post for Influenster before, but really fast - Influenster is a site anyone can join, although I believe you need an invite now. You can post reviews, showcase your videos/blog reviews, and interact with other people. And, well, you can get VoxBoxes of things pertaining to your interests and participate in Brand Challenges to win more free products to review. You don't need to be an established blogger at all.

Anyway, this is going to be the second College 2012 VoxBox makeup review. The other review was on the N.Y.C. Show Time Glitter Liner; if you were interested, you can find that review here. These are the imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway Nails®. I have no clue what the name of the design is though, sorry! They have a white tip and a flower design w/ little dots of silver glitter, if you were interested, haha.

FTC Disclaimer: I always forget to do these. I am not affiliated w/ Broadway Nails®, they are not paying me for this review, and my opinions are my own. I am receiving NO compensation for this; considering I am not fond of this product, it's unlikely that I'd be paid for this anyway. I DID receive this product free from the site Influenster. Y'all know the drill.

Okay, so according to the site:

  • No drying time–The imPRESS Press-On Manicure delivers an instant salon-perfect manicure without the drying time of polish or nail glue.
  • Superior, lasting shine—An indestructible top coat that rivals the best salon gel polish.
  • Easy removal—Gently peel from sides or apply polish remover around the edges, wait 1 minute, then peel off.
  • Lasts up to a week—When applied properly, imPress Press-On Manicure lasts up to a week while keeping nails protected. What polish can say that!"

The design was pretty cute. I'm not usually into that super girly type of design, but I wasn't displeased w/ this one. The idea is neat - they're a little more substantial than nail stickers but less than wearing fake nails. Super easy to apply, easy removal. There are solid shades and designs, so that's great too! I was able to apply all of them in under a minute.

That being said, I definitely prefer the Kiss nail stickers or the Sally Hansen nail strips to these things.

I don't know what kind of "indestructible" top-coat they're talking about, but the white tip started to chip away after the second day. I did actually like the design, but not if it's not going to stick around! Also, while the "no glue" concept is a nice thought, it just does not work. These lasted about three days before I lost two nails. Part of the problem is that, while these aren't as stiff as normal fake nails, they're still thick enough that they don't fully conform to your nail. I had a couple of fingers where only a small portion of the press-on would actually adhere to my nail. That's where they get ya - you can't actually complain because they didn't say they would last a week...they said they could last up to a week.

It's a trap.

The other thing...I have a deep-set nail bed; even when my nails are close cut, they're still long. By the time my nail extends beyond my fingertip, my nail is going to look really long. I'm not the only person who has this issue either. My nails were too long for this product! I had to cut my fingernails down to the quick (which sucks, because they had JUST gotten nice and long!) and a couple of my nails were STILL too long for these nails. Which is just absurd. I couldn't cut my nails any shorter; I actually chopped off some of my fingertip and started to bleed on three of my fingers.

If you have normal-length nails, these would probably work okay for you...w/ some nail glue! Also, I don't have square nail beds. Mine are very rounded and these nails didn't always rest nicely against my cuticle. I didn't have any problems w/ finding the right widths. This comes w/ enough for two manicures.

So, the idea is good, but in actuality, it just didn't work for me. :/



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