01 October 2014

Okay, teeny update here, since I've been a horrible blogger lately. I am going to attempt Blog-tober; a blog review a day!

To make this slightly easier on me, I've actually sort of put myself on a schedule. This first week (October 1st through October 8th) will be all lip related posts. So I have seven different product reviews coming up, consisting of some new Essence lipsticks, the new Maybelline Mattes, and a couple other Hard Candy products.

The next week will be face-based. The third will be eyes. The final week will be nail related.

Also, I'm going to try to have some Halloween related content. I'm pretty excited for this, so hopefully I can get it done and not be a flaky loser about this whole thing.

The first post will be up in a hot minute!


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