J.Cat Beauty First Impressions - Eyeshadow & Liner

10 July 2015

Recently, while processing shipment, we found an exciting endcap display - looks like Ulta is going to start carrying J.Cat Beauty. You might know them as the brand that does the cheaper OCC Lip Tar dupes; I've heard of this brand for a while on YT and I was super excited to find out we would be carrying at least a few pieces from the line.

Hopefully we can expand the product range in the future because there are some other products that I plan on picking up (like the blushes...hello, I'm a crazy cat lady and those blush/bronzers are cute as hell) and it's definitely convenient to pick them up while at work.

This is not a full-on review. I've only had these products in my possession for around a week and I do plan on picking up more products from this brand.

FTC Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this brand, nor am I being sponsored nor compensated for this post. My opinions are entirely my own and also do not reflect my employer. This post is entirely mine.

I went a bit conservative with the eye products; I only picked up two things, an eyeshadow trio and one eyeliner. I only use pencil eyeliners to tightline and I almost always use black, so I don't intend on purchasing any more liners from this particular range but I do want to pick up a couple more duos. My Ulta store has three of the 12 total shades of the #MOTD (Makeup of the Day) eyeliners ($2.49) and six of the 12 total shades of the Triple Crown Baked Eyeshadow trios ($5.99). I picked up a liner in the shade "Jet Black" and the trio in "Dulce De Leche".

Swatch is over bare skin; dry and no primer!!

Typically I tend to not be a huge fan of baked shadows, especially baked shadows in this format where the colors are all right against each other, but this trio made me eat my words. They're pigmented, blendable, soft, and creamy in feel, which was a total shock because I'm so used to flaky, dry baked shadows that need primer and moisture to show up on the lids. This little trio packs quite an impressive punch and I plan on picking up a few more just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Overall, super impressed by this shadow trio!

The liner, on the other hand, is a love/hate product. It's quite dry, I don't recommend trying this along the lashlines because it will tug quite a bit. It's a nice matte black, no glossiness at all, which I DO appreciate, but the texture leaves a bit to be desired. HOWEVER, this isn't actually a total bummer for me - this is the longest wearing liner I have ever experienced in my waterline and tightline. I get a solid eight hours of wear from this, which blows me away. When it fades, it starts to go in the inner and outer corners for me. Yes, you have to go over it quite a big in order to get the pigmentation to be rich and black because the liner is so dry, but WOW does this liner stick in my waterlines!

I used these products in a quick look and I'm pleased with how it turned out. (I used the lightest shadow on my browbone, the darkest on the lid, and the golden middle one in the inner corners.) I also applied eye primer (It Cosmetics Bye Bye Lid Lines) on one lid and applied the shadows on bare skin on the other eye and this shadow powered through a 12 hour day so my first impression was a definite thumbs up. I'll be doing full reviews within the next few weeks.

Primer side.

Bare skin side.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Any eye products I definitely need to check out? Let me know! :)


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