NYC Satin Matte Lipsticks - FAIL

23 March 2015

I got SO EXCITED when I saw these in Meijer. I have five of the original Expert Last lipsticks and I really love them! But I'm a matte lippy kinda gal, and when I saw the "satin matte" label, I freaked out because these are so cheap ($1.99 at most stores) and easier to find than the Jordana ones. This post isn't going to have a jump, sorry for the potential inconvenience! THIS IS NOT A REVIEW. It's more of a mini rant!

From L-R: "448 Smooth Beige", "449 Creamy Mauve", "450 Pure Coral", "451 Velvety Fuchsia", and "452 Red Suede".

The original lipsticks are creamy and smooth and comfortable, which is rare for a long-wearing product. Personally, I don't find them to last the full six hours as NYC claims, but they wear for about four hours if you're not drinking, eating, or chatting a lot. They wear off nice and evenly and don't leave that dreaded outer ring of color that some lip products can do. Overall, I really like everything about this formula except for the scent and taste (it's REALLY strong and the taste is...not good) and I was so excited to see a matte offering, plus the colors all looked great!

So, why the fail? These aren't effin' matte. Not even close. Newsflash N.Y.C., I know most of your lip products contain that frosty shimmer that I'm not into, but taking out the shimmer and having a cream formula does not equal matte. Basically, I almost want my ten bucks back, I feel cheated! I even let them dry down for twenty minutes to see if they'd mattify. Nope. And I know I should have expected this from the name "satin matte", right? Because the definition of "satin" is of or like satin; smooth; glossy. Here's the definition of "matte": having a dull or lusterless surface. What a bloody oxymoron, right? I was expecting the matte, all they provided was the satin. Bummer! Don't call something matte if it's not, basically.

From L-R: "448 Smooth Beige", "449 Creamy Mauve", "450 Pure Coral", "451 Velvety Fuchsia", and "452 Red Suede".

Beautifully pigmented colors. Beautiful color selection. They wear the same as the original lipsticks. I still recommend these shades, don't get me wrong! They're great and this lipstick formula is quite enjoyable and they're so cheap can ya not, right? But don't buy them because you're expecting a shine-free, comfortable matte finish. These are basically an extended color selection of their original lipsticks, nothing new or matte to be found here at all. If you would like a full review with lip swatches and the whole production, let me know because I have the pics edited and saved. I would like to reiterate - These are not poor quality lipsticks; they're actually quite nice! But I bought these under the assumption that they would be matte, and not an extended color range of the original formula, which they are. So, yeah, I'm kinda bummed out. Buy these if you like the shades or the Expert Last formula, don't buy if you're wanting a nice matte finish!

From L-R: "418 Sugar Plum", "440 Creamy Caramel", "445 Coralista", "446 Smooch", "447 Forever Fuchsia", "448 Smooth Beige", "449 Creamy Mauve", "450 Pure Coral", "451 Velvety Fuchsia", and "452 Red Suede".

From L-R: "446 Smooch", "449 Creamy Mauve", Jordana Matte Lipstick in "Pink Passion", Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in "Elusive", Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte lipstick in "Matte Blissful", and Jordana Modern Matte lipstick in "Matte Tease". The last four are way more matte, whereas the first two look like the same exact finish.


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