My Hair Dye Routine

25 October 2011

I get a ton of questions about my hair during my day to day life. It's kind of funny, but I've actually been using the exact same hair dye for most of my hair dyeing days. My hair has been blue, teal, green, blond, yellow, orange, purple, burgundy, and pink over the course of my life and I've gone through various different types of dyes from Manic Panic to the dye you can get from Hot Topic to Sally Beauty Supply dyes but I always go back to red. Red was actually the first color I dyed my hair to and I just fell in love w/ how I look w/ it. I don't actually have black hair - I know it looks dark and I've actually gotten into shouting matches w/ people over this, but my hair is a very dark reddish-brown and it is QUITE obvious when you see my hair in sunlight.

Anyway, I've been using this dye from L'Oreal since I was 15...So almost a decade! I've had my hair other colors but I seriously always end up going back to the red. This stuff is super easy to use - it's specifically formulated for dark hair and it has the bleach built-in to the dye so you don't have to do multiple steps. I've always colored my own hair and I don't really have a method; it's literally just slap-dash style!

This is the developer part. It's pretty watery and easy to splash it out of the container if you're not careful!

The red dye part is super hard to squeeze out. I actually wore my mouth guard (I grind my teeth...


) because I was clenching my jaw really bad.

When the dye and the developer are all mixed together, it looks like this. It looks pretty clumpy. The dye part is very thick so you want to make sure you fully mix the stuff together.

I used to use the brush applicator but the last three times, I just slapped the stuff on, haha.

Here's a full face shot...check it out, I have no makeup on at all. You can see how bad my skin is!

Some things to note: I actually leave this on for a full hour. I've always done this and it hasn't damaged my hair but this is made specifically for dark hair, so if you have blond hair or even brown hair, I would follow the instructions. Actually, if you're blond, I would leave this on for maybe 15 to 20 minutes. This has bleach in it, which means you need to be ULTRA MEGA CAREFUL because it will definitely stain and ruin anything it falls on, including tile and ceramic flooring. This dye comes w/ a shampoo as well. You're supposed to use the whole thing but I never do. I think there is so much product that using all of it just makes it harder to wash out.

Red hair fades super fast. And when this fades, it fades in a gross orange brassy way. To get the most out of my hair color, I actually go about two weeks w/o washing my hair. I'll condition it twice a week, but I go a while in between actual washing and when I do wash it, I use Hair One from Sally's. I thought about actually switching over to the no 'poo method, but I think the baking soda will scrub the color out of my hair faster. That's pretty much it; this post was super easy and fast! :)


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