Maybelline Fit Me™ Review - PT. 1 (Foundation, Concealer, & Pressed Powder)

16 October 2011

So, as usual, I am tardy to the party once again. This is going to be one out of two reviews on the Maybelline Fit Me™ range. (You'll be able to find the second review here.) I've decided to divide up the review because, well, there's a lot of stuff to talk about! In this review I'm going to blather on about three products - the foundation, concealer, and the pressed powder. For a while, this foundation was HG status for me, which is crazy!

These products can be found anywhere the full Maybelline range is sold, like Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid, etc. It has its own display in the Maybelline line and can still be found in some random end-caps. It will be cheaper at places like Meijer and Walmart in general but when drugstores or Ulta have BOGO sales, I recommend checking those out. The foundation and powder retail for around $5.50 at Walmart, and the concealer is just slightly cheaper.

I apologize in advance because this review is long and it's a lot of text. For a TL;DR version - foundation is light coverage and is good, especially for those w/ good skin to begin w/ and dry to normal skin; concealer is okay, nothing special...I would pass; powder is okay, especially for color range, but there are other powders that are better from Maybelline and other drugstore brands.

The Fit Me™ line from Maybelline was made w/ a certain purpose in mind. According to Maybelline:

Flawless lets the real you come through. Beyond matching: fresh, breathing, natural skin. SPF 18.

Why You'll Love It

It's makeup that fits you.

  • No oils, no waxes, no nonsense
  • Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be…fresh, breathing, natural
  • Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs and lows to show through
  • Non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested"

Now the concept behind this isn't so much w/ skin matching technology as it is w/ a natural finish. Basically, your skin isn't just one tone - and these products want to help keep your face 3-D looking, instead of covering it w/ a heavy foundation that masks your skin's natural differences. To achieve this concept, they try and make the matching process super easy - you decide whether you are "Light", "Medium", or "Deep". From there, you would pick your foundation color. Each skintone grouping has six different foundations and powders to choose from, so this has a range of 18 different foundation colors, which, for drugstore, isn't bad. If you are "Light", your colors start in the 100s, "Medium" and they'll start in the 200s. "Deep" is in the 300s.

So, now you decide what your undertone is. One test is the blood vein test - if your veins are more blue, you're cool-toned, green and you're warm-toned. Sometimes it's easy to tell just by looking at your skin - I have that yellowish Asian skin going on so I definitely fall in the warm zone. My mom has a lot of pink in her skin so she'd be more cool-toned. Sometimes, you might just be that lucky person that has naturally neutral skin. If so, congrats, you lucky bastard - your only job would be to pick out whichever foundation matches your skin color the best, and not worry about numbers. Sometimes, people w/ a lot of pink in their skin will choose to wear a yellowish foundation to help neutralize the pink, so keep that in mind also.

Alright. So w/in each range, there are numbers that end in 0s and number that end in 5s. 0 means the foundation is warm, if it ends in 5, the foundation is cool-toned. So now you got your foundation number! The pressed powder is super easy - it's the same number as your foundation. And that stuff I was just talking about, w/ the 0s and 5s? There are two concealers for each of the three initial skin categories - if your foundation and powder end in 0, pick the concealer that ends in 0. If the foundation and powder number ends in 5, pick the concealer that ends in 5.

Alrightly, now we're set! Got our foundation picked? Mine is "235 Pure Beige". Now you're probably wondering, " said you were warm and that numbers ending in 5 are cool." Yeah, I know. And, honestly...I have no explanation for this. It was the closest match to my skintone and it looks yellow to me and everyone else that has seen it, haha.

I love the packaging. When I first saw it, I told my friend that it was the classiest looking Maybelline packaging, haha. I'm not super fond of the open neck bottle thing, but what can ya do? This foundation is very light feeling. It's definitely a light coverage foundation, so if you've got a lot to cover up, this is not going to be for you! This is probably because of the whole "skin breathing" and "natural" technology. When I first got this foundation, I loved it. But I also wear a lot of powder foundation and typically I just use the MAC MSF Natural, which has a pretty light coverage, so that doesn't bother me. I like the idea that my foundation is going to let my skin breathe! Because of this, it does not have a matte finish. It's somewhat dewy and you will want to set this w/ some sort of powder.

It's not necessarily oily-skin friendly. In fact, if you like to throw on your foundation and run, you might not like this as much because you may have to do a little prep-work. It didn't cause me to break out, so that was nice, but I also don't break out easily, so I can't really say. I've read reviews where this breaks down horribly on oily skin, so you might want to tread w/ caution. I have very combination skin - oily t-zone and dry, textured skin everywhere else but in the winter my skin just gets very dry everywhere, which might be why I didn't notice any issues, since I wore this mostly through the winter. This blends into the skin the best when using your fingers. I've tried applying it w/ brushes and sponges but the most natural finish was w/ my hands. You don't need a lot - this foundation isn't really buildable. It's not going to be one of those foundations you can layer for a heavier coverage - putting on more is just going to increase the chances of it breaking down faster.

It lasted the longest when I used a primer made for oily skin and also set w/ an invisible set powder. When I didn't set it, it just looked more and more greasy as the day went on and started to fade in splotches - you could see it on my cheeks still, but it was gone on my nose and forehead and there was a bit of demarcation. W/o the primer it lasted a bit longer, but still started to fade...just w/o the splotchiness. I think this foundation would work better on someone w/ dry to normal skin, if you have pretty decent skin. This is just going to help even out the colorization a bit and it won't be super heavy. But for anyone who needs more coverage, you are probably not going to enjoy this foundation! Setting w/ a colored pressed powder or even a powder foundation will help amp up the coverage and keep it around longer. I did notice that this tends to transfer, so if you wear a lot of white, be careful!

I don't think this is a horrible foundation. In fact, I quite like it. But then again, I never look for full coverage, heavy duty foundations, so this light feeling foundation is right up my alley. It's pretty affordable and if you have a pretty decent skin type to begin w/, this will probably be good for you. But if you've got stuff to cover or if you just like to be sure of your coverage level, I would pass on this.

The concealer is the liquid type, w/ a doe-foot applicator. Following the guidelines at the store (I bought the powder last, and on a separate occasion), I got this concealer in "25 Medium". I have insomnia - to the point where I've been taken to the psych ward for hallucinating, so I rarely sleep (although lately, I've been sleeping like...16 hours a day and missing class! :/) so I have the most hardcore dead eyes you'd ever see. Which is saying something because, since I have monolids, my eyes are less deeply set and don't protrude as much. The glasses don't help. I will say that my sleeping, while still ridiculous, has gotten better so that my circles aren't super heavy-duty anymore. This does seem to help brighten a bit, but once I put my glasses back on, the total effect was lost.

I usually don't use liquid concealers because the coverage is just too light. This concealer is supposed to have a brightening effect (or so I've been told, lol) and I bought it mainly for continuity and review purposes. It doesn't cover up my under-eye circles. It's a bit thicker in consistency, so this works okay for covering up minor imperfections, but again - the premise of this entire line is essentially light-weight natural coverage. If you've got a lot to cover up (and college students, I know you do!), this isn't going to be the best choice.

It looked okay for a hot minute but I did notice that it seemed to fade from where I placed it quite easily. It also moved when I set w/ powder. All in all, one of the better liquid concealers out there but still for people who don't really need a ton of help in the concealing department. If you like the foundation, you'll probably like the concealer, but this is a product I would pass on.

The powder compact is, admittedly, a bit on the bulkier side. But I love that this compact has a separate area for the puff (you don't want to put the puff down on the actual makeup) and it does have a mirror, which is also nice. The powder feels nice and smooth to the touch and it works well as a touch-up powder. I wouldn't necessarily use this as a setting powder, just because I usually prefer loose powder to set, but this will work in a pinch because it's not meant to have a super level of coverage and looks less powdery and caked on than other powders. It's an okay enough powder to keep in your bag but I don't think it's that fantastic if you use powder to blot. Using a kabuki or the puff is going to help w/ the coverage part but, to be honest, I usually don't use pressed powders that much anyway.

I would pass on this powder, unless you like continuity like me or if you just need a powder to keep in your bag just in case. Maybelline makes other pressed powders that I like a lot better. The benefit to this powder is the range - there are an equal amount of powders to foundation, so there are 18 different shades. The one I use is "220 Natural Beige" and it works fine for me. This foundation can set a bit darker than it appears, so the lighter powder helps even everything out a bit better.

Now onto the pictures. I used Rimmel's new primer and used the foundation, concealer, and pressed powder to set.

Foundation Side

Bare Skin



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