Rimmel London Sunshimmer Maxi Bronzer Review

19 October 2011

So here is the second bronzer review from Rimmel. I'm getting a bit smarter, haha. Instead of posting the main Product Line Overview posts and then frantically trying to get the reviews up, getting bored, and then forgetting about them (although I SWEAR I will be working on my e.l.f. reviews and my Studio M reviews!), I'm posting all the reviews up first and then I will make the big overall post! That way, no one is sitting around waiting on my lazy ass, I can post these reviews at my leisure, and they're more likely to actually see the light of day. I already talked about the two Rimmel London Natural Bronzers that I own and now it's time to talk about the Sunshimmer Maxi Bronzer!

This bronzer is available at most stores that stock Rimmel cosmetics. There are some stores that only have the smaller bronzers, so you'll have to look around. They range in price from $6 to $9, so I would wait until Rimmel products go on sale. I've also seen these bronzers have dollar off peelie coupons on them, so keep your eyes peeled. Based on sizing and pricing, it's actually a better deal to purchase the Natural Bronzers. You only get a grand total of 0.10 oz extra product in the bigger bronzers and I suspect that it's the same exact formulation...just w/ a different raised pattern and some golden shimmer that wears off.

According to Rimmel's website:

Large Bronzing powder for face and body. Generous large bronzing powder for face and body. Natural healthy tan effect with sexy gold shimmer. Max your tan! Max your tan!"

I will start off by saying that I bought this product a while ago and so it no longer looks the way it did when you first purchase it. For lack of better description, the design reminds me of a sand dune type of texture...and on the raised parts, there is a golden shimmer. It's really pretty but it doesn't go all the way through. In fact, after about five or six uses, the golden shimmer is all but gone. Like I mentioned above, these larger bronzers can be almost double the price...for only a little bit more product. This alone makes them not really worth the price per bronzer.

I do like the packaging. It's large, yes, but that's the nature of the product. Again, especially w/ such a large compact, a mirror would have been nice, but it's certainly not a necessity! I love that this actually closes! It has a snap closure and that's absolutely amazing, since this won't fall open in your purse. Mind you, this bronzer will probably take up all available space in your purse...W/ these bronzers, I honestly didn't notice that much of a difference in between shades. Because of this, and because of the price, I opted to get the darkest looking one, which isn't as dark as the Natural Bronzer in "022 Sun Bronze". Whereas "022 Sun Bronze" is more brown, this bronzer runs more orange-ish. It's more terracotta looking. It's supposed to be a shimmer bronzer and you can see the shimmer in the close up of the product but when you actually apply it, you're not really going to see the shimmer on the face.

This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It's called Sunshimmer so the people that buy this are expecting a level of shimmer. The only times it actually appears more shimmery is w/ the first couple of uses, when the golden overlay is still around. But it's such a thin, light layer that doesn't even cover the entire face of the bronzer, so it disappears quite fast. It looks more orange but it's a nice enough bronzer and doesn't really look too fake tan on the face. I use this for contouring. I'm almost inclined to say that it might be a shade more pigmented than the Natural Bronzers...but while it has a bit more payoff, it also has a softer feel - you'll want to tap your brush off w/ this one. The powder blends easily and it doesn't look bad on the skin. I just think that the name is misleading and the product is overpriced, especially since you're not getting that much more product than the normal bronzers and it's going to cost you a couple dollars more.

"003 Sun Queen"

Size comparison between the Sunshimmer bronzer and the Natural Bronzer.

From L-R: Natural Bronzer in "022 Sun Bronze", "Sunshimmer Maxi Bronzer in "003 Sun Queen", and Natural Bronzer in "027 Sun Dance". As you can probably tell, the "022 Sun Bronze" is a bit darker and also has a more brown color to it, while the Sunshimmer bronzer is definitely more orange in color. The last bronzer is the lightest out of the three, but if you're looking for a bronzer that actually has more noticeable shimmer to it, I would go w/ the Natural Bronzer in "027 Sun Dance".

From L-R: Sunshimmer Maxi Bronzer in "003 Sun Queen" and Natural Bronzers in "022 Sun Bronze" and "027 Sun Dance".

So, to round up this review, skip this bronzer unless you can get it on sale or if you're just DYING to try it, haha. The smaller bronzers are a much better deal, price-wise, and I like the shades offered much better.


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