23 March 2015

Okay, so this post should have been up on Friday when I first got this kit but I was slacking. This kit is, sadly, no longer available on Ulta's website, but I'm still going to post this first impressions because all of the products in this kit are permanent products, first off, and secondly, this kit might still be available in stores and if you see it, I highly suggest that you snatch it up, if blush and highlight products are your jam. BECCA is a brand that I've wanted to try since we first got it, but I just couldn't convince myself to take the plunge, since a lot of their best selling products are rather expensive.

This set is a great value; for $34.50, you get to try four best selling products from the BECCA line, all of which are well-coordinated and work well together. You also get two full size products, both of which add up to a $52 value. The two highlighting products are minis but they're so frosty and potent that I can't imagine blowing through them too fast. Combined, it's about another $16 value. For $68 you can try out four products, two of which are full size! Also, there is a free GWP right now; a deluxe sample Ever-Matte Primer with any $30 Becca purchase (offer valid 3/15/15-4/4/15 or while supplies last), which is a ten dollar value!

FTC Disclaimer: All of the products mentioned in this post were purchased by me, with my own money. I am not affiliated with BECCA and all opinions are my own, as always! I am not being sponsored nor compensated for this post.

Okay, I have no direct link to this product on Ulta's site, but hopefully you can still find this in your local store!:

Achieve an effortlessly perfected BECCA lookwith this collection of best selling and iconic products.

  • Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Pressed in "Rose Gold" (mini); A creamy luminizing powder that veils skin in a soft pearlized flow with a lustrous velvet finish. Sweep across face or apply to targeted areas for refined luminosity in any light.
  • Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Spotlight in "Opal" (mini); This portable liquid highlighter features ultra-fine, light-reflecting pearls that melt into your skin for polished, natural-looking radiance. Using the wand, dab a small amount on the high points of your face. Can also be mixed with moisturizer or foundation for an all-over glow.
  • Beach Tint in "Guava" (full size); A water-resistant crème stain that tints lips and cheeks with a natural wash of colour. Layer under powder blushes, Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé, bronzer, or lip products for added intensity.
  • Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in "Watermelon/Moonstone" (full size); A pop of luminescent colour in an air-whipped cheek soufflé. This water-resistant formula provides effortlessly buildable colour with a soft, lustrous finish. Apply with BECCA's The One Perfecting Brush for a wash of colour, or your fingers for a more intense pop of colour."

This is definitely a first impressions post; unlike my previous Tarte one, I've never had any experience with this makeup line whatsoever. I've used each of these products twice. I can do a comprehensive full review if anyone is interested, since these products are available permanently, so let me know in a comment if you would be interested!

As far as the highlighters go, they are INTENSE. They're very metallic and borderline glittery. Both formulas blend and melt into the skin quite easily but if I had to pick a formula, I think I prefer the liquid Spotlight version. It could also be the color I have in the pressed version; "Rose Gold" is a beautiful shade but it's too dark to be used as a highlighter. I did also wear it as an eyeshadow and it was absolutely stunning, so I'll still get use out of it! The "Opal" was a much better highlighter shade and the formula was a lot less intense. The liquid was less metallic and closer to a natural sheen. I don't know how great these products would be on problematic skin like large pores or aging skin, but I liked them. I don't think I'd repurchase the pressed version in the full size; I doubt I'll ever use up this mini version. I would consider buying the Spotlight version but I actually like this mini with the sponge-tip better than the pump!

The blushes were the hits for me; they're both in great colors, bright fun corals and the soufflé formula has a great golden shimmer set through it. I tried the regular Beach Tint on my lips and you'll definitely want to throw on a balm underneath or a gloss on top for added moisture if you have dry lips; mine were rough looking. I also added some of the soufflé on my lips, which made them MORE dry, but the pigmentation of the soufflé was actually more intense on my lips than the formula that is actually made to be used on both cheeks and lips. I loved the color on my cheeks, not sure how I feel about it on my lips yet.

Overall, if you can find this kit and you like cheek products, you NEED to buy this kit and check it out.

Okay, now onto pics and swatches. Sorry in advance about my brows!

Left - flash, right - no flash.

Left - flash, right - no flash.



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