06 May 2014

I'm sure everyone has noticed that there are quite a lot of new products at the drugstore. I actually feel a bit overwhelmed, haha. I only knew about a couple of the new Covergirl releases, so imagine my surprise when I was browsing my local Walgreens and spotted a whole new face products display for Covergirl.

Judging by the packaging and the titles, I'm thinking that the powder foundation and the concealer are just repackaged and reformulated Fresh Complexion powder and concealer, especially since it says "Fresh Complexion" on the new packaging AND the products look pretty much identical (except for the whole "Ready, Set, Gorgeous" stuff and the color is now white instead of blue.) Downside is that all of this stuff is so new that it isn't even up on the website yet.

I've been using all of these products for about five days now, so I will be doing some first impression posts on my Tumblr because it's a bit easier to blog from there, BUT full reviews will still be up on this main blog.

The first thing I decided to pick up were all of the face products. Okay, to be completely honest, I was only going to snag the powder foundation and the liquid one, but I decided "what the heck might as well go for broke" (literally) and get the the concealer too. I've never had good luck with Covergirl concealers really, until the Covergirl + Olay concealer balm, and I've tried the Fresh Complexion products as well. Liquid concealers aren't really my jam.

This range is set up similar to Maybelline's Fit Me line, in that once you select your liquid foundation color, you can easily find which powder and concealer you should be. However, since there's little to no info officially released from CG, I can't really tell you which numbers you should pick (in Maybelline's range, 0's and 5's are the different undertones). I went slightly darker than I thought I'd need, since it's getting warmer, BUT the foundation actually matches me pretty perfectly so I have no clue, maybe 5's in the CG range are yellow undertones?

I'm "215 Warm Beige" in the liquid foundation and "Medium in the powder and concealer. Maybe err slightly darker in the liquid foundation, since I know it actually fits me pretty well and I tried to go a bit deeper since I'll start getting tanner soon.

I really like the liquid foundation but don't buy the powder expecting it to be more like a setting powder! It definitely has some coverage to it, and when I set the liquid with the powder foundation, it was WAY TOO much and started to look cakey around my nose and between my brows. The foundation blends really well and is light/medium coverage, leaning more towards medium. I didn't try to see how buildable it was since the foundation with one coat did a pretty good job of covering all but my absurd raccoon circles.

The concealer was the only product I know I'm not fond of; it sat on my skin and didn't blend as nicely as I would have preferred and you could still clearly see my undereye circles through it. It's just a regular skintone, not corrective, so if that is a problem area for you as well, I would pass. Also I don't really break out; I might get a stress zit or something every couple of months but I don't have acne and I have a tiny cluster of pimples directly on my undereye area, WHAT? Yeah, not just one, but three. I can honestly state that I have NEVER had ONE zit, LET ALONE THREE, in that area.

As far as the powder went, I used it the first day to set, realized that looked horrible, and haven't tried it since, so I still need to play around with that product. It appears to have some little bits of shimmer in it though, not sure how I feel about that.

I did pick up one of the new XL Nail Gel polishes in "Plumped-Up Plum" and posted a horrible IG pic of it; I suggest using a topcoat; I had tipwear and chipping after a day on the hand with no top coat. The claims are kind of funny...PLUMP UP YOUR NAILS. Yeah, I don't know if I care that my nails aren't voluminous, ya know?

I picked up one of the Colorlicious lip glosses in "700 Whipped Berry" and I am pretty disappointed in it. I'll be posting a first impressions on this gloss to that Tumblr today, so I'll edit the link into this post when I get it up. These are...a half step above those horrible Shine Blast lip glosses for me. And considering they're called "Colorlicious", the, um, lack of color was a bummer.

From L-R: "#selfie", "#double dare", and "#party girl"

Finally I snagged three of the new shades in the Lipslicks Smoochies (I think there might have been seven or so total?) I don't know if these are permanent or LE but I LOVE THEM. I do have a couple of the permanent collection ones that I really need to review, so these colors will, again, be up on that Tumblr, and my main review should be up here in a couple of days.

These are pretty fantastic though; these balms and the liquid foundation are the clear winners in this haul!


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