25 March 2014

Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?! If you guessed my Influenster Uni VoxBox, you are correct! :) I didn't read or watch any spoilers for this box, although I knew about one thing we were going to receive, and I'll get to that later in the post. Three of these products I've already tried and own. The other three are products that are either new or products that I haven't tried yet, so this box was a to me, but you really can't complain about free stuff, haha.

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent these products for testing purposes by the Influenster program, which is open to anyone in the United States and Canada.I am not affliated with any of the companies who have sent products, I am not being sponsored or compensated in any way for these reviews. I have done a couple of posts on Influenster: general info, first two boxes I received, and the Holiday 2012 VB. Influenster is a completely free program and anyone is free to sign up! :)

Like all subscription services, the VoxBoxes will always come with a little card that gives you a brief description of the products you'll receive and sometimes some guidelines for blogging about the box.

The first product I got, I've actually received in multiple VBs from Influenster. And that would be the imPRESS Nails.. Cute designs, they have a decent lasting ability, but they didn't work THEN (link to my original review from 2012) and they won't work NOW. The short length is too short of my nails and what is the effin' point of cutting my nails so short that they BLEED to wear some press on nails? Nope, nope, nope, NEXT.


Moving on to the next product I have already received via Influenster: the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation. I have not done a full blog review on this particular foundation yet, but it IS forthcoming! I enjoy it; the texture is light and creamy, without feeling thick or pancakey, and the wear time is decent. I got a lighter shade this time, not sure why I picked like that, haha. I did an initial thoughts video back when I received the first foundation.


The next product is a brand I've seen before, Red Rose Tea, which is a Canadian brand (which I didn't know!) that you can find in most US drugstores and grocery stores. The specific product is the premium water enhancer; basically liquid tea concentrate. I'm not going to lie; I'm beyond thrilled I received the flavor I did - raspberry blackcurrant. The other options are black tea and earl grey...The one I have doesn't really taste like tea to me...more like really watered down fruit juice. Also, it said "one squeeze per 8 oz" but I had to use about three per 8 oz. Along with the product, you get a $1 off coupon, so that's pretty awesome!

The next product in the Uni box is the N.Y.C. Expert Last lipstick in "Forever Fuchsia"...and I actually bought myself this lipstick when it first came out, haha. It's pigmented as hell, but the formula is also thin and borderline greasy/vasoline feeling, which I'm not crazy about and which causes the lipstick to sometimes apply really streaky and patchy.

The last two products are the type that I'm not going to review because...well, haha. One is a (full!) box of Playtex sports tampons and the other is a really smooth writing Acroball Pilot pen. The pen came with a coupon, which I will TOTALLY be taking advantage of because, as weird as it may sound, this is a really nice pen!

Final Thoughts

I liked the items in this box, minus the imPRESS nails, haha. But the thing is FREE so I really can't complain. And the full size box of tampons? YES, those things are PRICY, ya know? BUT, the Influenster program IS available to women AND men and this box is overwhelmingly leaning towards the female end of the spectrum, which is weird, considering men go to university as well. I think, in the future, it would be nice to see a more unisex sort of box, when they're categories like this, such as college life and all. Also, it's kind of a bummer that the same Rimmel foundation is in this box when they just did a program for it this summer. I realize that not everyone was a participant in that program, so for them it's a cool thing, but maybe if you could opt out of a particular product that you've already had an opportunity to try OR if they offered multiple options (or at least a male and female option), that would be cool.


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