N.Y.C. Show Time Glitter Eyeliner REVIEW

01 December 2012

Yes. I know. An actual review, OMG. I know, I am so hellaciously behind and I'm not even going to give some shitty sob story. Let's get right into this. This is part of my College 2012 VoxBox (brief review of the whole box here)from Influenster. Many people have done blog posts about Influenster, and so have I! You can find THAT post here! But, basically, you can interact, post reviews, answer questions, and get boxes of free stuff pertaining to your lifestyle and interests. I, being a college student, liked most of the stuff in my box.

Plus, I feel bad for being so bad at blogging lately, so mini reviews it is! This is obviously on the N.Y.C. Showtime Glitter Liner.

FTC Disclaimer: I never remember to do these because I never get free shit, ya know? But this liner was free through the VoxBox program at Influenster. Neither N.Y.C. Cosmetics nor Influenster are paying me to do this review, opinions are my own, etc.

The color I received in my box is "944 Show Time Black" and it's just a black liner with silver glitter in it. This liner comes in a total of four shades; black, brown, purple, and blue, and I'm pretty pleased with the color I got, because I NEVER use brown or jewel-tone liners, so the rest of the colors would be useless to me. A lot of people felt that the glitter was too much for day to day wear...and I think they're nuts! But y'all know me, I love loud makeup and I wear crazy shit on the daily, so what's boring and neutral to me is the rest of the world's everyday look.

The glitter is noticeable, which was also nice, because sometimes w/ glitter liners, you'll see the flecks of glitter in the liner and then wonder if it evaporates off of your eye. I could see how this liner would irritate contact wearers though, so if you do wear them, I'd be wary w/ this one.

According to N.Y.C.:

Missing the spark? Get it out there with NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner Pencils. Create jewel-encrusted eye looks with these long-wearing glitter-infused rich colors. No doubt you will be dazzling!


  • Long wearing
  • Metallic sparkling effect
  • Smooth and creamy formula
  • Does not smudge
  • Non-draggy
  • Provides a precise line
  • Dermatologist tested

Key Ingredients: Vitamins C & E."

I found that this liner went on best when you rolled the pencil around in your hands a bit to warm it up. It's not the CREAMIEST ever...it DOES contain glitter. But for a glitter liner, it does go on pretty damn smooth. I wore it in my waterline, because I had no other liner FOR my waterline, but I don't recommend this to anyone. It was decently black. The glitter showed up...not as much as I'd like, but it was definitely there.

This liner had a time period where you could smoke/smudge it out. But after that, this stuff was SET. I actually had a hard time getting it off. It really IS long lasting! I would definitely recommend checking this liner out because, well, it's under $3! What do you really have to lose?



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