Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox Initial Thoughts & Unboxing Video

25 December 2012

This is so annoying. Guys, I really need to get a laptop so that I can blog and vlog and shit on a regular basis. I'm either at the library, and really uncomfortable, or I have to beg to borrow my mummy's laptop, lol. Sadness. Anyway, I am super behind on a ton of posts, so let's talk about Influenster a bit. Or, specifically, the Holiday 2012 VoxBox. Now, normally I like to be surprised by stuff. So when I got the College one, I refused to actually watch other people's videos or see their pictures.

Sadly, this time something went wonky w/ my email I guess, because I never got a confirmation email. Since I didn't think I'd get this box, I looked at reviews and such already. So it wasn't a surprise in the sense of what came in the box, but more a surprise that I got the box at all! I'll be reviewing all of the beauty products on this blog and all of the non-beauty products on my tumblr and doing a round-up post once I've tried everything, w/ the links and stuff.

This is just my initial thoughts and some pictures, lol.

FTC Disclaimer: I am not affiliated w/ any of the aforementioned companies. All products were free from Influenster, but I am not being compensated for my reviews, and all opinions are, as always, my own. :D

Influenster is basically an interactive testing site. You fill out surveys and such based on your interests and then you can be eligible for VoxBox programs based on your interests. You'll get sent products to try, free of cost, and to review and discuss, both on your own blogs/YT channels/etc, and also on Influenster's site. You don't need to be anyone special, I'm certainly not, and you don't have to pay for anything or do anything besides be active on social media and have an interest in trying new stuff.

I've done two blog posts on Influenster; an introduction sort of post here and also a post on some previous VoxBoxes I've gotten here.

Each box comes w/ a little card that contains descriptions of the products you receive, which is pretty damn helpful!

This particular box came with six things total, and a bonus seventh item based on demographics. I obviously have some sweet demographics, hahaha.

  1. Quaker® Real Medleys Oatmeal+ ($1.79 per cup).

  1. NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in "Nude York City" ($2.49).

  1. Kiss® Nail Dress™ ($6.99).

  1. EBOOST in Pink Lemonade ($28 for box of 20 powders; $39 for a box of 30 powders; $39 for a box of 12 shots).

  1. Goody® Quikstyle Brush - Half Round Styler ($11.99).

  1. Sole Society coupon code - INFLUENSTER25. Good for $25 off your first purchase.

  1. Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque (Under $2).

I'm pretty excited about everything but the EBOOST® powder and the Sole Society coupon. I don't often buy shoes online...actually, I don't buy shoes online at all, but I WILL be buying a pair when I get paid this Friday so that I can talk about that process w/ everyone. (Might as well, right?) The EBOOST® powder just seems a bit overpriced to me...I normally use the Crystal Light Energy Packets, and those things are like...$2.50 for a box of ten.

I've used the Kiss® Nail Dress™ stickers before, and I really enjoyed them. They do have some downsides, but we'll get to that in my actual review of them. I also own a couple of the NYC Liquid Lipshine glosses. I've never been insanely crazy about them, but they're definitely not bad for a cheapie lip gloss. I don't think anything really beats the e.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shines though...those suckers are only a buck!

I've never tried the Montagne Jeunesse masks before, but we sell them like hot cakes at Ulta so people must like them. I'm not crazy about the Chocolate Masque; I wish I'd gotten one more for my skin type (I have combination skin, and this particular mask is for Normal to Dry skin) but we'll see!

Finally, I did use the Goody® Quikstyle Brush and I might actually buy the paddle brush from Ulta! I was pleasantly surprised by this brush; I assumed it was a bit gimmicky. Also, I nommed the oatmeal already, and it was pretty fucking amazing, NOT EVEN GONNA LIE.

So, there's initial thoughts. I'll probably get up the brush review and the oatmeal review (haha) right away, so follow me on tumblr if you wanna know about oatmeal, LOL. :)


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