Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio in Green Eyes REVIEW (Holy bloody long title, eh?)

13 January 2012

So, I am making it my personal goal to try and blog every day I have class. I know, I know, that seems slightly counter-intuitive, right? Shouldn't I try and blog every day I DON'T have class? Well, I want to get into the swing of regular updates and I have classes five days a week, so I will be utilizing my laptop and the internet most of those days, so it just makes sense to throw a blog in the mix, right? I mean, I can't study 24/7 so blogging will be one of those random distractions. Plus, this way I can get more blog posts out of the way and do more reviews and possibly start weekly series or something.

I digress - this blog post is going to be a review on a Physicians Formula product. Now, I want to STRESS - try and look for the peelie coupons on the product. Also, I usually only buy PF products when they're on sale because they can be pretty pricy, especially for drugstore. Also, it's a brand that, while being skin-friendly and innovative, isn't exactly FANTASTIC in terms of texture and pigmentation. My personal issue w/ PF lies in the fact that 95% of their products have shimmer. Which, considering this particular line is called 'Shimmer Strips', is, in this case, something that I'm well aware of. But even their other lines contain heavily shimmery products. I don't want a translucent setting powder that contains shimmer.

This is turning into a ridiculously long intro, so let's get on w/ it, yes?

Now, the first thing to note is that, yes, this is a product that is meant to be color enhancing. By that, its purpose is to enhance eye colors - in this case, green eyes. Do I have green eyes? Nope. Does it really matter? No, not really. It is true that certain colors can amplify your eye color, or at least appear more flattering, but it's not necessary to follow these rules. Makeup should be a more creative process!

So w/ that in mind, I also find that PF's particular color selections aren't always the most effective if you DID want to pump up your eye color and here is why - the color choices for each eye color are kind of funky. And by that, your eye color is not just one color. It's a multitude of colors. By using a vividly colored liner that is your own eye shade you're only going to make your irises look dimmer in comparison. The Custom Eye Enhancing liners always come w/ a liner that is your eye color - the brown eyes have a brown, blue has a blue liner, and the green has a green liner.

PF now has three different types of liner trio choices for the eye colors - gel/cream liners, automatic pencils, and now these kohl liners. They all come in the same color schemes across the board. Hazel comes w/ a pink, light brown, and a black, blue has a blue, a brown, and a black, and brown has a warm purple, a brown, and a black. The green eyes sets are the only ones that don't come w/ a bloody brown liner and I own all of the green eyes variations. Green contains a blue-purple, a green, and a black. Each of the blacks has a color shimmer as well, so the blue has a blue glitter, hazel has a pink, etc.

I have a review on the automatic liners if you're more interested in those types of liners.

Okay, so I've rambled on enough, right? According to Physicians Formula:

- Highly pigmented inner rim eyeliner trio delivers rich color and instant drama.

- Versatile eyeliner for eye enhancing definition and inner eye rim intensity.

- Super- smooth gliding texture makes defining eyes effortless.

- 100% Waterproof wear.

- Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Paraben free. Dermatologist approved. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Gluten Free."

I got these at Meijer for $9.99 on sale 40% off. These also came w/ a peelie coupon for $2 off. The first interesting thing to note is that these are the first liners that claim to be 100% waterproof. Usually, they're water-resistant, so that was new. Also, these liners are meant to be "inner rim" liners. If you're someone who has sensitive eyes, you might find that the waterproof qualities can feel incredibly dry and somewhat irritating on your eye. Some people say you shouldn't use waterproof liners on your waterline but I have no issues w/ that but I definitely want to mention it.

Kohl liners are notoriously smudgy. Obviously, the waterproof quality of these liners keeps the smudge in check but you do have a short period of time where you can smoke out the liner. The green shimmer in the black liner is a lot less noticeable than in the gel/cream liners or the automatic liners, which means it'll be more comfortable in your waterline.

Now here's the downside - I really didn't like these. The black isn't super black and these are incredibly dry. You can see the cracks in the products. You don't get a ton of product. I found that these liners don't last on the inner rim. But the major turn-off? These flake. Yeah. I know. This liner is so dry that it FLAKES off of my water line and settles under my eye while looking like eyeshadow fall-out. And this might not last on my waterline but it lasts FOREVER once it flakes onto my face. The purple liner works the best in the waterline - it shows up the best and flakes the least.

These work alright as standard liners but the other thing is, as you use more of this liner, it's going to get wider and wider. These types of kohl kajals are meant more for tightlining than lining your lash lines and it will become more apparent as you use it up. Right now you can still get a somewhat precise line on your upper lash line, when it still comes to a point, but these go fast. Also, since they are soooooo dry, the tips on the black and the green broke off, meaning they'll probably go even faster!

So, these products are okay. They might work better if your eyes water a lot, since they are so dry. I think they look a lot cooler than they actually are. I would not repurchase and I don't really recommend these, to be honest. I think you're much better off going w/ the gel/cream liners or the automatic pencil liners.



I forgot to post this picture in this post. This is what my eyes looked like after one hour of wearing this liner in my waterline. Yeah, gross, I know! :/



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