Physicians Formula Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Correcting Pebbles Review

15 May 2011

This is going to be a review on the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Correcting Pebbles. This product retails for about $10-$13, depending on where you buy it, and can be found in Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Meijer, Ulta, etc. All of the Mineral Wear™ products are: hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, dermatologist approved, and non-comedogenic. There are often products w/ $2 off or $3 off coupons on them and the brand often goes on 40% off or BOGO50% sales as well. I was curious about this product because it reminded me of the GUERLAIN Meteorites Perles, except a hell of a lot cheaper. Of course, the packaging is pretty cheap looking, but what can you do? The Meteorites retail for $57...which means the PF is about a fifth of the price!

This powder comes in two colors - Creamy Natural and Translucent. I got it in Creamy Natural.

This product comes w/ a powder puff and a really shoddy little brush. I kept the puff to prevent the pebbles from breaking and from getting the mirror all powdery, but I don't use the puff to apply this product either.

According to Physicians Formula's website, the description is:

  • Innovative powder in the form of natural mineral pebbles, applies like a loose powder for a luminous veil that can be worn alone or layered with other Mineral Wear face products for a complexion-enhancing glow.
  • All colors blend together to create a perfect canvas finish: Pink brightens, Green tones down redness and Yellow adds warmth.
  • In one simple step, these versatile pebbles color-correct the most common skin imperfections, bring illumination to dull skin and even out skin tone."

You can wear this powder alone or over makeup. I usually use it as a setting powder - I just swirl a big, fluffy brush in the pebbles and then brush it on my face. These do have a subtle shimmer to them, so if you prefer a matte finish, this might not be for you. The e.l.f. Studio Complexion Perfection powder is, I believe, matte, so that might be a better option; plus it's way cheap at $3! However, I don't own that powder, so it may contain shimmer as well. :|

Basically, this product contains four color correcting pebbles, which, when swirled together, are supposed to brighten and even out your skin tone. I have a lot of red patches on my face, so the green and the yellow definitely help out in that department. However, this stuff isn't SUPER pigmented, so I find I can't wear this alone and have it make a difference, besides making my face look shimmery and strange. Over concealer and foundation, it does have a brightening effect and seems to minimize the redness as well, although not in bad problem areas, such as around my nose.

Here are swatches of each of the colored pebbles. Obviously w/ a fluffy brush, they're going to blend and the color will be diffused.
From L-R: Skin tone, pink, yellow, green.

I think this product is worth trying out if you're interested in the Meteorites or if you have minimal discoloration and don't mind a bit of shimmer on your face. This isn't going to be good for intense skin tone unevenness and it might not be that great on oily skin either. If you can get a coupon and find this on sale, it's definitely worth checking out and I don't think it's a bad product. I wouldn't repurchase though!


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