NEW AT THE DRUGSTORE - Wet N Wild Highlighters and Metallic Liquid Lipsticks!

20 April 2016

I'm so bad at keeping up with Wet N Wild lately...and so of course they've been killing it. Part of their limited edition Summer 2016 collection consists of metallic liquid lipsticks (you had me at "metallic" tbh) and HIGHLIGHTERS. Okay, ya know this girl is all about the glow. I want my highlight to be visible from the moon and I'm always on the hunt for cheap highlighters that don't break the bank the way the beautiful Becca highlights do. I actually had no clue about this release until a coworker wore one of the lippies to work and spilled the beans. She saved me my usual WNW questing trip (I probably went to twenty different Walgreens to find the spring collection) and picked up everything for me! Anyway, this is pretty much just a first impressions/swatching post because I haven't played with these products long enough to feel comfortable giving a full on review but so far I'm quite pleased; spoiler alert!

Wet N Wild is so affordable that I never even bat a lash at purchasing entire collections; I don't know the individual prices but I do know that I owed her about $25 for six lip products and two highlighters. So, yeah, the entire collection (mind you, I don't have everything - there are cream highlighting sticks and also nail polishes in this collection) is super affordable. In retrospect, do you need everything? Nah, there are two nude lipsticks and two pink ones, and you can skip one and just pick up the tone you like best. Wet N Wild also has some of the best shade names in the makeup game...and they killed it this time. The comicbook and music nerd in me would have bought two of these simply for the names. But we'll get into that later. Here's a link to the Nouveau Cheap post about this collection if you want any more info!

FTC Disclaimer I purchased these items with my own money. I'm not affiliated with Wet N Wild, nor do they even know who I am. I'm receiving no compensation for this post, and, as always, all of my opinions are my own.

Now I cannot give you any actual product descriptions in this post; WNW doesn't even have these products up on their website yet. Hopefully by the time I post a review they will. But right now, all I can tell you is that there are liquid lipsticks with a metallic finish and powder highlighters.


"Precious Petals".

"Crown of My Canopy".


These powders are soft and smooth; there's no scratchy glittery particles like with some cheaper highlighters. I really like these. They're pretty metallic but they sheer out with brush application (although you can pack it on to get a stark highlight). I typically prefer a brighter and lighter highlight color (Becca "Pearl" is my JAM) but both of these shades are workable for me. The lighter one is a sort of champagne-y beige and the slightly deeper one leans more of a coppery rose gold. I think they'd work for a decent range of skintones, but if you're super fair you might find that these are a bit too dark for you to be a good strobing shade.


IMG_6727 - IMG_6728

From L-R: "Peony Express", "Coming Up Roses", "My Tulips Are Sealed", "Chrysanthemum's the Word", "Days of Fuchsia Passed", and "Indigo Your Own Way".

Okay, I frickin' LOVE the names of "Coming Up Roses" and "Days of Fuchsia Passed". Elliott Smith is one of my favorite musicians ever in life, and Coming Up Roses is one of my favorite Elliott songs and I LOVE X-Men. Days of Future Past is my favorite X-Men movie, so these names really pleased me. I have a love-hate relationship with the applicator. I like the shape; it's not a slanted doe foot as much as it's a cupped one. It reminds me of a tiny lipstick throne and it holds enough color to coat your entire mouth in one dip...hypothetically. However, for lack of a better description, it's so...fuzzy. Like a long haired cat, the fuzz is longer in some areas and it's just...fuzzy. Because of that, it's kind of like a dry erase marker; it removes as much product as it applies and, especially with the lighter colors, makes for a streaky, patchy application. I find that dabbing the color on works much better than swiping it on.

Also DO NOT expect these to be like a liquid to matte liquid lipstick. If you're looking for a product that will dry down and be long wearing and transfer resistant, you should back away from these right now. They're literally what they claim to be - a metallic cream lipstick with a slightly liquid-esque texture in a tube. They don't set. They won't be smudge proof and budge proof. They're not insanely long wearing. They're pigmented like a lipstick and they feel really good on the lips, so if you're tired of the all of the drying matte formulas over-saturating the makeup market, these are going to be quite refreshing. I don't want to say that these are hydrating, but they're not lip murder in a tube either.

Finally, the metallic finish is beautiful on the darker and brighter shades but I gotta say that the two lighter nude-y shades are not my cup of tea. They're super frosty looking and remind me of bad 80's makeup that just doesn't look flattering on me. Frosty lipsticks will never be my thing. It's not apparent and gross looking in the other four brighter shades but especially the light peachy shade...ew, no thank you.

Have you found these around you? What's your favorite product from the WNW Summer 2016 release?


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