What's in my overnight makeup bag! Pt. 2 - Brushes and Tools

12 November 2015

Okay, I'm on a roll right now! This post is going to be what brushes and tools I took for an overnight stay and lemme tell y'all; this is wholly unnecessary. I was just tossing stuff in a bag at this point and there's a lot of overlap.

Again, I'm blogging entirely mobile, so apologies for these posts being a little rougher than normal.


1.) It Brushes For Ulta (I listed the lines each brush is from as well.)

---- 211 All-Over Powder - I love this powder brush, it's a bit pricy but totally worth it honestly. (Live Beauty Fully)
---- 108 Powder Wand - I love this powder brush too but this was a bit excessive, I didn't need both, lol. (Airbrush)
---- 101 Blurring Foundation - I love this brush with the foundation I brought, it's great for really buffing in liquids streak-free! (Airbrush)
---- 113 Soft Focus Blush - Really nice blush brush, applies pigmented blushes more sheer, so I usually use it with those. (Airbrush)
---- 116 Radiance Fan - Really prefer this brush when I'm using the Becca powders because it's small enough to be targeted and also doesn't over apply the highlight. (Airbrush)
---- Contour - This brush is only sold in a contouring brush set and I like it a lot for a stronger contour. And ya girl has a big, round head so you best believe I contour heavily and also daily.
---- 103 Blurring Concealer - I love this brush for underneath the eyes and also for blending out concealer around my nose. (Airbrush)

2.) Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - I like to use this brush to blend out cream contour since it's so small and dense. I don't really use it as a foundation brush anymore because it's so small and takes a while (again, I have a big face, lol.)

3.) Bare Minerals Flawless Face & Tapered Blush - These were a bit redundant BUT I do like using both of these. I prefer the Flawless Face brush for contour over any other use and I like the blush brush for less pigmented blushes.


1.) Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush - Only available in the eye kit, but I love using this brush when I foil shadows. It's fluffy enough that I can blend out the edges but has a nice shape in terms of applying wet shadow exactly where I want it.

2.) Tokidoki Blending Brush - This is just a standard fluffy blending brush that I got a long time again from a Sephora set. I love it, but it's no longer available.

3.) Japonesque 836 (MAC 217 dupe) - I don’t remember the exact name, sorry, but it's like "tapered crease" or something. I love the MAC 217 more but this is still a nice brush.

4.) It Brushes For Ulta - All of these brushes are from the Airbrush line.

---- 105 Blending Crease - Similar to the Tokidoki one except a little less dense.
---- 107 Blending Shadow - I don't know why I grabbed this brush...it's not my favorite blender honestly. It's a little too floppy and basic cut. It works in a pinch, however!
---- 112 Precision Shadow - I love this brush. It's basic BUT it gets the job done.
---- 119 All-Over Shadow - I use this brush as a browbone highlight brush. It's way too big for my eye shape to use as a shader brush but it applies highlight to the browbone really nicely.
---- 124 Precision Smudger - This is pretty much a pencil style brush and I like it for drop shadow on my lower lashline. Unfortunately it's really lost its shape as I've washed it a few times, so now it flares out a lot. :/
---- 125 Smokey Liner - I've been reaching for this pencil style brush over the previous one a lot so I didn't need to bring both!


1.) Beauty Blender - I use these to blend out concealer and foundation (just not THIS foundation lol) and to also apply my loose powder to my undereye concealer when I bake it. I love the original Beauty Blenders but the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge is also nice.

2.) Revlon Tweezers - They stay pretty sharp, actually.

3.) Japonesque Brush Cleaner - It smells like citrus wood polish. Also, I don't find this to be as effective as my usual MAC brush cleaner but it does dry pretty fast.

Okay, so this post ended up hella long, props if you read this all! I'll post the makeup portions tomorrow, tbh I'm about to crash!



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