What's in my overnight makeup bag! Pt. 1 - Skincare

12 November 2015

Long time, no see! I'm staying overnight and I have nothing better to do, so might as well actually blog, right? This post is going to be entirely mobile (camera phone pics and Blogger app) so I apologize if it's not quite the usual quality I try to have on here.

So, let's talk about skincare. It's only overnight so I tried not to overload with the skincare (but since I *AM* working, I did not skimp on the makeup portion lol). This is going to be like mini reviews!

1.) Neutrogena Makeup Remover - I love that stuff and I decanted some into a tiny container. I just use regular cotton rounds.

2.) Simple Micellar Facial Wipes - I was so excited when I heard about these and frankly they're pretty disappointing. I love the regular micellar water from Simple but these wipes just do not remove much!

3.) Karuna Age-Defying Face Mask - I haven't actually used this one yet, it's just a sheet mask that I received as gratis (I work at Ulta) so I figured might as well try it now.

4.) Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash - This is gratis as well, I'm going to try it out in the morning!

5.) The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion - Holy grail product right here, I LOVE this moisturizer and I've been having a few mini bumps here and there.

6.) Lancôme Génefique & Rénergie Lift - Really fond of the Génefique serum, and I'm trying to finish off the sample of my Rénergie Lift!

7.) Tony Moly Panda's Dream Cool Eye Stick - Moisturizing but not super heavy and also refreshing!

Things I skimped on: I didn't bring my beloved Clarisonic because it's just an overnight stay. Nor did I bring a toner. Oh well! These are my overnight skincare necessities! I completely forgot about my hair, go figure, I'm going to have to buy a brush and some dry shampoo in the morning. Next post will probably be my brushes and tools!



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