NEW AT THE DRUGSTORE - Maybelline Edition

08 December 2014

So, I'm not even going to try to give some kind of lame ass sob story. Basically, I've been a terrible blogger, but I just bought a Macbook Pro AND a new DSLR so I'm planning on coming back with a vengeance. ANYWAY, have a new at the drugstore type of post! I knew about the new lipsticks from Maybelline, but I had NO CLUE about these products! Also found but not featured are several new shades of the Brow Drama brow gel, including a transparent shade, but I didn't pick any of those up. I purchased all of these things from my local Meijer, and I found them on an endcap display!

Note: this is not a review, this is basically a haul post. I haven't put any of these on my face yet!

The Maybelline Fit Me line has two new additions to the family...and these are pretty exciting!

They're a matte + poreless foundation and powder! I did a review on the original foundation and powder a long time ago here, if you're curious, but that foundation has a more glowy dewy finish on the skin. I haven't heard anything much about these products, but they claim to be for normal to oily skin, and to have a matte and poreless finish on the face. I purchased both in the shade "220 Natural Beige" (for reference the Fit Me products used to use a number system; numbers ending with 5s were cool-toned, numbers with 0s were warm...I'm not sure if they still follow that, but 220 is a pretty decent match for me.) I played around with the foundation on my hand and it does appear to have a matte finish. I liked the way it set as well, it feels like a natural, almost powdery finish. I will, obviously, have to wear it on my face to tell you more. Maybe a first impressions post is in order!

If you live near a Meijer, Maybelline face products are BOGO50%! Both of these were $6.19 + tax.

They also had new eyeshadow duos called Color Molten. I picked up two of the eight color choices. I haven't used these on my eyes yet, but they have a weird, slightly squishy texture! They feel like a super creamy powder. After I got them home I actually Googled them and I guess they're supposed to be similar to the Almay Shadow Softies, which I'm not really that fond of. But I'm going to give them a good go anyway, maybe they'll be closer to the Milani shadows and not the Almay ones (fingers crossed)! These were $6.99 a piece at that same Meijer.

"300 Nude Rush"

"302 Endless Mocha"

Finally, there's a new liquid liner called Master Graphic. It has a super interesting felt tip, similar to a Sharpie marker, and I doubt I'll like it. It swatches black but it's not waterproof (came off super easy with water; I didn't even need to use soap) and the felt tip was already frayed before I even used it. BUT I might just be a Negative Nancy about this, so I will definitely still try this liner out. I got mine for $6.99, so it's pretty affordable!

Have you tried any of these products yet? What do you think!?

Also not pictured, I did pick up the new mascara, Lash Sensational or something like that, and I REALLY like that mascara so far!


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