Maybelline Dream Wonder Pressed Powder REVIEW

09 February 2014

So...Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands, typically. And this is going to be an interesting review, because, while I like the way this powder functions, I can't recommend it. I know, I know, that seems weird, and I'll definitely explain in-depth. This product is fairly new, so it's still a bit more expensive; about $8.99 at most places. I imagine the price will drop a bit the longer the product exists. This isn't being promoted as a powder foundation, so I'm not going into it expecting crazy amounts of coverage.

Also, I tend to prefer light coverage face products anyway, so keep that in mind! :)

This powder comes in 16 different shades and should be available anywhere Maybelline is sold, at this point. You might have to look for a display, because not every store has the new plano set, but it should be there! According to their website;

100% Smooth-Buffed Perfect!
Experience our first smooth-whipped pressed powder.

You'll Love It: Powder is smooth-whipped with 60% less talc*, so there’s no chalky dust to cling to flaws. Our powder glides on smoothly for smooth-buffed perfection.

*Versus Maybelline FitMe Powder.

For Best Results Apply to forehead, nose, cheeks and chin with the provided sponge applicator. Use gentle strokes to build coverage and achieve a natural makeup look.

I don't think the shade range, despite it consisting of 16 different colors, is really that great. It doesn't get super dark OR super light. I noticed different undertones but overall, I could probably wear ten different colors fairly comfortably. Also, I like how they're claiming "LESS TALC LESS TALC" when brands like Physicians Formula have been making talc-free products for years now. And...they claim that this reduces the amount of chalky dust...

Okay, let's get the bad out of the way first. This powder breaks so f@%$*&! easily. The act of closing and opening the lid causes the powder to start to crumble. If you dropped this on the floor, well shit, it's probably done for. You barely tap your brush and you've got enough product to cover half of your face, along with a small cloud floating through the room. Basically, whatever binds this powder is shit. I DO NOT LIKE FRAGILE PRODUCTS. I really like this powder, I honestly do. But I can't throw this in my purse for touch-ups, which defeats the purpose (I only typically set my base products with a loose silica powder; NYX Set It & Don't Fret It, if you wanted to know...that powder is HOLY GRAIL STATUS, check it out!) because if it collides with anything in my bag, it will probably crack more. Or just the act of me walking will cause it to break.

It has since shattered halfway across since this photo.

This was me barely tapping the brush in the powder once.

Now, onto the good parts. The texture (other than the fact that it is powdery as eff and breaks when you sneeze on it) is pretty lovely. I don't quite get the "whipped" aspect, but it is smooth and creamy to the touch. The color is a pretty decent match to my yellowy undertones. I've used the sponge and also a couple of different brushes and I definitely prefer the finish with a brush.

I think I prefer to use this as a powder foundation. It doesn't claim to be a foundation, but I find the coverage can actually be a bit heavy over a liquid foundation. Maybe it's the creaminess of the powder; it's not that the pigmentation of the product gets heavier, but too much and you get that mask-like look. I don't really like to use pressed powders to set my liquid products anymore and I just wasn't too fond of using this as a setting powder. It didn't prolong my makeup as long as the MUFE HD powder or my beloved NYX powder. I required a touch-up about three hours in, which I can normally go half a day with my usual powders.

However, I did really like it as a powder foundation. The coverage is decent and if you have drier skin than me, you might actually enjoy using this as a setting powder. It's not an OILY powder, it just has a nice, creamy feel to it. It blends better over my bare skin or over a primer than over my BB creams or foundations. I don't enjoy super heavy coverage (MAC MSF Natural is my normal powder foundation of choice, if that gives you an indication of how little coverage I prefer) and I think this powder does have surprisingly decent coverage for a pressed powder. I like using a kabuki brush to buff this in over concealer though.

Bare skin.

One layer of powder.

Yeah. I'm not really sure why I look so crotchety. :/ I'm pretty dang tired, that's all I've got. Also, I think the flash went a little crazy in the after photo because I'm not that pale and neither is this powder but you can still tell that it covers up my redness and evens stuff out pretty well.

That being said, I actually miss the Dream Matte powder. I really liked that pressed powder and it doesn't shatter when you blow on it. The feel of this powder is lovely but the Revlon Nearly Naked powder has the same sort of feel and coverage...and it doesn't shatter when you blow on it. So, while I do really enjoy this powder, I do not recommend it shatters when you blow on it. Which makes it impractical for carrying around for touch-ups and makes it just plain aggravating.

I am pretty tired as I type this so if I didn't mention something or if you're curious about something, feel free to ask!


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