Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection - Perfect Pout Lipstick REVIEW

05 March 2013

Okay, so this review is kind of a long time coming, haha. I've been having some crazy life issues lately. Not that I'm trying to excuse my lack o' blogging, but...there it is. Anyway, I'm back and I'm getting down to work, hence why I've been pumping out the reviews lately! :) ANYWAY, this is a review on some new lipsticks from Wet N Wild and their Fergie collaboration collection. I guess she's the official spokeswoman for the brand now and they came out with some new (assuming these products are permanent since they have their own fixtures in the WNW planos at Walgreens now) products! I actually have a decent amount from the Centerstage Collection, but we're going to start with the lipsticks.

I've tried the MEGA SHIELD™ Lip Color SPF 15, the MEGA LAST® Lip Color (the matte finish lipsticks), and the SILK FINISH® Lipsticks (which are the dollar lipsticks) before and these are kind of...like a mix between all of them. They aren't totally matte but they're not super glossy or crazy hydrating either. That being said, I LOVE these lipsticks. In fact, I will probably buy the rest of them!

According to Wet N Wild's website, these lipsticks are:

Soft, velvety lipsticks glide on silky-smooth for weightless wear. These longwearing formulas are specially formulated with anti-aging technology, as well as vitamins and minerals to keep lips soft, smooth, and kissable all-day. Moisturizes and conditions for rich colors that won’t cake, feather, or bleed."

These have an incredibly creamy feel but they're also a bit thicker than other lipsticks. It's definitely a creamy and not a greasy feeling though. All of the ones I have are incredibly pigmented. What I really liked about these lipsticks is that there is a variety of finishes. One of lipsticks I purchased has glitter in it, one of the nudes has a bit more of a matte finish, and the rest are creams. They're a bit more hydrating feeling than the matte lip colors but they have the same level of excellent pigmentation.

They can get a bit cakey feeling if you apply these too heavily. I didn't notice any feathering, but the formula is thicker on these than with other lipsticks. These are pretty long-wearing; WNW ain't tellin' no lies w/ that part. Of course, mileage will vary, depending on the amounts of eating and drinking and speaking you do. They don't feel drying on the lips like the matte lipsticks can get. I wouldn't necessarily say they feel moisturizing - a lip balm they are not. But they don't dry out your lips. I would exfoliate before using these, especially with the lighter shades, as any dry flaky areas are going to be highlighted by this formula.

I definitely recommend these, I think they're under $4 at most locations. I've only seen the Fergie Centerstage Collection products at Walgreens though...the closest CVS is in the next state, so I don't know if they're sold there as well.

"Penthouse Sweet"
This is a bright blue-based pink cream. It's incredibly pigmented and too much can make it look a bit chalky and caked on, so be wary with this. Also, this color will cling to dry patches.

"Old School Glam"
This is a bright red that leans a bit pink on me. I LOVE this color so much; this is probably my favorite out of the five that I bought. It definitely reminds me of an old school glam pin-up type look. This lipstick is smooth and creamy and applies great, whether you have dry lips or not! I didn't notice any feathering or migration and it lasts the longest out of all of the colors I own, especially if you blot it. It stains the lips a bit.

"D'Vinely Chilled"
This is a deeper wine/burgundy shade. It contains micro-glitter and you can> feel it on your lips - it's a bit gritty and if you don't like that sort of feel, you'll want to avoid this particular lipstick. It applies a bit more patchy than any of the others I purchased. I like it but it will definitely make your teeth look kind of yellow, so, yeah. This is probably my least favorite out of the five, haha.

"Bebot Love"
This is brown-toned neutral. It's darker than "Fergie Daily" and more brown than peachy. This lipstick is creamy and incredibly pigmented and applies nicely. I love this color on its own, but some people might find it a bit harder to wear, since it is a darker brown nude.

"Fergie Daily"
This is a peachy nude shade. It's a bit more peachy than brown and it's also lighter than "Bebot Love". It's incredibly pigmented and too much can make it look a bit chalky and caked on, so be wary with this. Also, this color will cling to dry patches. This lipstick can get a little streaky.

"Fergie Daily" on the left, "Bebot Love" on the right.

If you made it through all of these pictures, you're fucking ace! :)


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