Make Up For Ever & Sephora Lip Kit Review

01 March 2013

I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother LOVES value kits, right? Well, these are full size, permanent products, so I'm going to review them all anyway, okay? I found this set at a Sephora in J.C.Penneys, so I don't know where else this would be available (I can't find it at but it's only $28 and it's a really good bargain, especially if you wanted to try out some Make Up For Ever lip products. I've only ever used the Glossy Full Couleur glosses and I do like them quite a lot. But as far as lipstick or liner goes, I've never dabbled in that before.

At my local Sephora, there were three different kits: berry, red, and pinky-beige. They come with a lip liner and a lip gloss and you get to choose your own lipstick. Considering all of the products are full-size and it's a $55 value for $28, I was all over that! I chose the pinky-beige kit, and I must say that I really like it. This review might get a little long...apologies! :/

Onwards! :)

The first product in this kit is the Aqua Lip lip liner. This comes in 18 shades and is sold in Sephora stores, online, etc. According to MUFE:

The extremely waterproof texture of this pencil can be used to reshape and heighten lip contour.
Very long-lasting and non-transferable, it holds for hours even in extreme conditions. It is water and saliva resistant. It can be used on the entire mouth, after applying non-oily skincare on the lips (Lip Contour Skincare Pencil). The range of matte shades offers natural harmonies in matching tones and other more intense colors.

Sharpen the pencil well with the special pencil sharpener, before each use, for hygiene purposes and to achieve a precise line.
- Draw a line directly on the contour of the lips, reshaping them if necessary.
- It is essential to put the cap back on after each use in order to maintain the fluidity of the texture and the product's waterproof properties.
- To cover the lips, apply the Lip Skincare Pencil, leave to dry for 1 or 2 seconds. Then color the lips with the Aqua Lip pencil.
To achieve a non-transferable result, wait for the product to dry (evaporation of the volatile oils).
- To remove the product, use the Sens'Eyes make up remover (for waterproof products).

  • Volatile silicone oils
  • Natural antioxidants and without mineral oils
  • Jojoba wax and vitamin E
  • High pigment concentration"

The liner that came in the pinky-beige lip kit is "Medium Natural Beige 3C". It retails for $18 and is described as a medium nude beige. I love the consistency and long-wearing-ness of this liner; it's pigmented and creamy and wears a long time, but this particular color is not really my cuppa - it is very brown. I'd say a caramel or tan color. There are no visible pink or fleshy tones to this liner. Just...brown. It definitely does dry down a bit; not a tightening like a lot of long-wearing lip colors, but if you have dry lips, you might find the feeling a bit uncomfortable. I used this in the corners of my mouth for a bit of definition, and that's probably the only way I'll be using this liner, since the color is a bit unsuitable.

Moving onto the Lab Shine lip gloss. This comes in 35 different shades, spread out over three different collections. The gloss and the lip liner came in set shades depending on which color kit you chose, so the gloss in this kit is from the Star Collection:

LAB SHINE Lip Gloss offers a spectacular and intense shiny effect.
Especially designed to achieve an ultra-bright effect, its silky brush ensures an optimal and dazzling coverage.

LAB SHINE is available in 3 collections, in a wide range of 35 creative colors and effects:
- The Diamond Collection offers a sheer coverage, natural effect and a sparkling shine.
- The Star Collection offers a medium coverage with a pearly shine.
- The Metal Collection offers a high coverage with a chrome shine.

To boost the shine of a lipstick, use Lab Shine as a top coat.
To maximize the effect of each collection, add some Diamond Powder, Star Powder or Metal Powder directly to Lab Shine.
To boost the gloss shine, apply some Diamond Powder, Star Powder or Metal Powder on top of Lab Shine.
To redefine the shape of the lips and prevent the gloss from running, use an Aqua Lip as a lip liner before applying Lab Shine.

Pro tip: to improve the hold of Lab Shine, apply an Aqua Lip all over the lips before using Lab Shine.

  • High concentration of interferential pearly pigment particles.
  • Glass microspheric balls.
  • Hyaluronic acid and Gold of Pleasure oil.
  • Beewax and tetraester of High molecular weight.
  • Apricot-prune fragrance."

The gloss that comes in this set is from the Star Collection and retails for $18. The shade is "S4" and is described as a "pearly light beige". This is definitely appropriate for this kit! Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that is often used in anti-aging skincare to retain moisture and create an illusion of fullness. This is probably why this gloss actually feels good on the lips, even after the color has worn off. This is a non-sticky gloss, although it feels a bit thicker on the lips (this is good, since it doesn't have a thin, greasy feeling to it!)

The color is very flattering and pretty on the lips and it would probably be nice on a wide range of skin colors, although it could look a little wonky with deeper tones; it has enough coloring to it and enough shimmer that it would look like a frosty beige. It's sheer and has a medium sort of pigmentation level to it - it's not going to knock your socks off, but it's not clear either. I don't really get apricot...or prune. That was fascinating to me...prune scented gloss? Okay. It smells fruity and sweet, but not super overwhelming and it fades pretty fast. I get about a standard 3-4 hours of wear, although it really does last longer over the Aqua Lip liner!

I like the color AND I like this gloss quite a lot! The applicator is a brush tip and it's not super long and floppy, which I really love. I talked about how I feel like I get a bit more control using a shorter brush in a previous review and this is no exception. The only issue I had with mine is that a couple of the bristles are a bit splayed out. I prefer brush applicators to sponge tips any day though.

Okay, finally, we get to the lipstick! There are two different Rouge Artist formulas - Intense and Natural. I went for the Natural formula and it was a good choice! My favorite high-end formula is still the Smashbox one, but if this lipstick is any indicator, then MUFE runs an incredibly close second. Make Up For Ever's site shows a total of 50 colors, but Sephora only has 18 available. With this kit, you got to choose which lipstick color and formula you wanted.

Rouge Artist Natural has an ultra creamy formula that hydrates the lips with a natural sheen.

Enriched with a cocktail of vegetal ingredients, made of waxes and Cupuassu Butter, it contains nourishing properties for a moisturizing smooth texture that glides on effortlessly.
Its translucent shine reveals pure pearls and pigments for a profusion of 50 luminous shades.

Rouge Artist Natural makes it possible to find a color to suit every mood!

For more volume, sculpt your lips by playing with shadows and light: apply a pale color to the middle of the mouth and a slightly darker color to the outside of the lips. Pro tip : To optimize the hold, after applying the first coat of lipstick, wipe with a dry tissue the excess of oil and reapply a second coat.

Polybuten polymer Complex of vegetal waxes of candelilla, and beeswax CupuaƧu butter with high content of E.F.A Essential Fatty Acid Castor oil. Dermatologist tested."

ERMAGERD. This is one of the nicest feeling lipsticks I've ever used. I really like MAC's formula, but this lipstick is, over all, more moisturizing feeling. The Smashbox formula is just a teeny tiny bit more long-wearing and moisturizing, but overall I am madly in love with product and definitely want to try more! I chose the shade "N18", which is described as a powdery pink and I really like the color as well.

This lipstick applies nicely and evenly and has a nice level of pigmentation. It's $19, which can seem a bit pricy, depending on your price range, but I definitely feel it's worth every dollar. The formula has a nice texture on the lips, doesn't have a weird taste or really strong scent and wears off nicely. It doesn't leave that weird ring - it wears off pretty evenly. My one little issue is that if you apply too much of this lipstick, it can get a bit slick and greasy feeling (which is why Smashbox still wins for me) but when you don't overdue it, it is pretty fantastic. Without a liner, I get about 4 hours.

This is a messy little photo of the lipstick plus the liner to contour the outer corners with. I like this effect.

Swatches of all three products. L-R: Aqua Lip in "3C", Lab Shine in "S4", and Rouge Artist Natural in "N18".

Lipstick + lip liner.

Lipstick + lip liner + gloss.

If you can find this set, I definitely recommend checking it out!


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