WNW Summer '14 All Access Beauty Bronzer & Blushes REVIEW

01 June 2014

I have been searching all over for these dang things! I'm so jealous of people who can find the LE WNW stuff super fast because it takes my area FOREVER to get them. Anyway, these are the Bronzer & Blush compacts. I have all three of these products and I'm pretty excited to share. The theme this summer seems to be based off of festival life, according to the display.

Now these displays are sell-through, so once the product is gone, it's gone, unless the store gets an entirely new display. If you want these, I recommend buying them when you find them.

I found mine at Walgreens for $3.99 and an interesting thing to note is that, normally even LE products will still be on sale. WNW products are currently 30% off on select products, including the permanent line color icon bronzers (which have the same packaging and size, just different colors) but these weren't ringing up with the sale price; same for the nail polishes. I mean, WNW is pretty inexpensive, but that's still a bit of a bummer. Yes, I have the Wellness card, before anyone asks.

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased these products with my own money. I am neither affiliated nor being sponsored by Wet N Wild or Markwins, nor am I being compensated for this post. All opinions are, as always, my own!

So, WNW does have regular blushes and bronzers in their permanent line. And basically, let me lay it to you straight - while I do like these and they're cute as hell, I would not recommend them over the blushes and bronzers. Personally, I think the quality of these products is diminished in comparison to the permanent line products. Not to say that's a BAD thing, but depending on personal preference and skin color, these might not be a good fit for everyone. My biggest dislike? The cute design. It's pretty difficult to get JUST the blush, which defeats the purpose of this being a dual use product. You can definitely swirl these together but it is incredibly difficult to just pick up the blush.

WNW doesn't have anything up about this particular product, and the back says the same thing as the permanent line bronzers:

Add a golden glow and a touch of luminosity to any complexion for a healthy, sun-kissed look. Special blend of treated nylon powders provide long-lasting, blendable color. Dermatologist-tested."


Mica, Talc, Nylon-1, Magnesium Stearate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Ethyl Macadamiate, Polybutene, Octyldodecanol, Tocopherol, Methylisothiazolinone. (MAY CONTAIN:Carmine/Cl 75470, Iron Oxides/Cl 77491, Cl 77492, Cl 77499, Manganese Violet/Cl 77742, Red 30 Lake/Cl 73360, Red 6/Cl 15850, Red 7 Lake/Cl 15850, Titanium Dioxide/Cl 77891, Ultra Marines/Cl 77007.)

The first one, "Hold Me Close", is a more of a highlight product for everyone. It's similar to the permanent line item in "Reserve Your Cabana" in color, but this is a bit less smooth, contains noticeable shimmer as opposed to a satin finish, and has pretty much no pigmentation. I'm pretty fair right now, and the highlight portion just shows up as a shimmer, but no highlight.

The texture is a bit dry and chalky and this kicks up a lot of powder. The blush is a light satiny rose-pink, but, again, the pigmentation is weak. The blush shows up very faintly on my skin, but if you're medium or darker, even the blush probably isn't going to do anything for you.

Honestly? Skip this and buy the permanent line products.

The middle option, "Dusk Till Dawn" will work as both a blush and bronzer for fairer skintones, and I think it could still work as a warm, rosy blush when swirled together on medium tones. But, as with the first one, I think the pigmentation is a bit too weak for deeper skintones, even as a blush.

The bronzer is essentially matte and has a rosy undertone to it. The blush is a light peachy shade with a satiny finish. The bronzer is a slightly better texture; the blush is super dry and chalky, the bronzer has a bit more smoothness to it. When blended together, this product looks like a nice natural peachy blush. Alone, the blush isn't going to add a ton of color, but it shows up faintly on me. The bronzer can be used as a subtle contour on me, but it's not my ideal shade for contouring.

I would recommend this if you have fair to light skin or if you want or prefer a more neutral rosy blush. Deeper skintones might still be able to blend and use this as a blush, but the bronzer will be a bit too light on its own, as will the blush.

The last one is called "Everything Under The Sun", and has the deepest bronzer and the brightest blush. The bronzer has a bit of a satiny finish and is a more typical bronzer color; a bit more terracotta tone to it. This bronzer is the most pigmented out of the three, and I quite like it.

That being said, this product still has a drier, chalky texture to it. The bronzer can be a bit more challenging to blend. The blush seems to sit on top of the skin and just look a bit dry. The pigmentation of the blush is still not as good as I would like it to be. Also, I feel like this one has the greatest difference between the two shades. It doesn't look as good blended together, for me personally, but it will still work like that. I like using the bronzer as a contour, and the blush as a blush, but, again, it's a challenge to pick up JUST the blush.

In round-up, these are not the same soft, silky smoooth textures as the permanent line Color Icon blushes and bronzers and they DEFINITELY do not have the same level of pigmentation. Out of the three, I would only really recommend "Dusk Till Dawn". "Everything Under The Sun" is also nice, mostly as a bronzer. Do not expect these to add a lot of color, but they're not horrible and I do like them.

I do not really suggest "Hold Me Close"; I'm fairly...uh, fair, and this product is just a shimmery, chalky mess. There's almost no pigmentation to the highlighter, and the blush is also the poorest quality-wise out of the three. Overall, not up to par with the typical quality, but not completely horrible and unusable either.


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